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Academic Affairs Staff

Academic Affairs Division Assistant Phone & Location
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Rex Gandy Tammy Cunningham (6236) Browning 109
Vice Provost & Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Lynne Crosby Lisa Phelps (7992) Browning 109
Associate Provost for Enrollment Management Dr. Beverly Boggs Lois Briones (6540) Ellington 205
Associate Provost for Student Success Dr. Loretta Griffy Barb LeJeune (7633) Drane 325
Interim Associate Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Chad Brooks Karen Runyon (7414) McReynolds 119
Assistant to the Provost Tammy Delvendahl   (1016) Browning 109
Administrative Assistant III Tammy Cunningham   (6236) Browning 109


Deans/Executive Directors Assistant Phone & Location
College of Arts & Letters Dr. Dixie Webb, Dean Mary Biggers (6445) Harned 129/132
College of Behavioral Health Sciences Dr. David Denton, Dean Mary Dillard (6380) McCord 212
 College of Business Dr. Charles Moses, Interim Dean April Williams (1283) Kimbrough 104
 Martha Dickerson Ericksson College of Education Dr. Prentice Chandler, Dean Theresa Dezellem  (7511) Claxton 210
 College of Graduate Studies Dr. Chad Brooks, Interim Assoc. Provost & Dean Karen Runyon (7414) McReynolds 119
 College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Dr. Jaime Taylor, Dean  Tami Fraley (7971) Tech. Bldg. 105
 Center for Extended & International Education Dr. Tim Hudson, Interim Executive Director  Dana Vernon (1035) McReynolds 212A

APSU Center @ Fort Campbell

Dr. Kristine Nakutis, Executive Director  Marlies McKnight (1401) FC Bldg. 202-140A

Felix G. Woodward Library

Joe Weber, Director  Teresa Beyke (7618) Library 223


Associate Deans/Associate Directors Phone & Location
College of Arts & Letters Dr. Mercy Cannon, Associate Dean (7876) Clement 140
College of Behavioral Health Sciences Dr. Melissa Gomez, Associate Dean (6111) Dunn 268
 College of Business Dr. Susan Cockrell, Interim Associate Dean (1280) Kimbrough 130
 Martha Dickerson Ericksson College of Education Dr. John McConnell, Associate Dean (7757) Claxton 101A
 College of Graduate Studies Dr. Tim Leszczak, Associate Dean (6112) Dunn 262F
 College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Dr. Karen Meisch, Associate Dean (7780) Sunquist C225 


Chairs Assistant Phone & Location
College of Arts and Letters  Dean, Dixie Webb
Art and Design  Barry Jones, Chair  Gena Shire  (7333) Trahern 208
Communication  Robert Baron, Interim Chair  Cindy McElroy  (7378) MMC 165
History and Philosophy  Dr. Cameron Sutt, Chair  Debbie Shearon  (7919) Harned 339
Languages and Literature
 Dr. David Guest, Chair  Kristi Sheppard  (7891) Harned 115
Jessica D'Alimonte  (7891) Harned 115
Music  Dr. Douglas Rose, Chair  Michelle Fraley  (7818) MMC 139
Theatre & Dance  Margaret Rennerfeldt, Chair    (6767) TR 229
College of Behavioral & Health Sciences Dean, David Denton
Criminal Justice & Public Management  Dr. M. Waheeduzzaman, Chair  Melissa Boyer  (1480) FCC 203
Health & Human Performance   Dr. Marcy Maurer, Chair Kimberly Coats  (6111) Dunn 268
Leadership & Organizational Administration                 Dr. William Rayburn, Chair Darci Bateman  (1465) FCC
Military Science and Leadership   LTC John Montgomery, Chair Greg Lane  (6156) MH 120
Political Science   Dr. Marsha Lyle-Gonga, Chair Sage Disney  (7515) Clement 143
Psychological Science and Counseling   Dr. Nicole Knickmeyer, Chair Cissy Mandrell  (7233) Clement 205
School of Nursing   Dr. Rebecca Corvey, Director Shirley Tabb  (7737) McCord
Social Work   Michelle Blake, Chair Donna Conklin  (7730) Clement 103
Sociology   Dr. Tucker Brown, Chair Linda Campos  (7540) McCord 205
College of Business   Interim Dean, Charles Moses  
Accounting, Finance, and Economics  Susan Cockrell, Interim Chair  Beth Pounds  (7674) Kimbrough 128
Management, Marketing, and General business Victoria McCarthy, Chair Beth Pounds (7674) Kimbrough 128
Martha Dickerson Ericksson College of Education  Dean, Prentice Chandler 
Teaching and Learning Dr. Benita Bruster, Chair Mindy Potter (6491) CX 304B
Educational Specialties Dr. Moniqueka Gold, Chair Mindy Potter (7518) CX 304A
College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  Dean, Jaime Taylor
Agricultures Dr. Donald Sudbrink, Chair Patty Mason (7272) Sunquist D232
Allied Health Sciences Rex Ameigh, Chair Patty Mason (6455) Sunquist D232
Biology Dr. Don Dailey, Chair Daina Hunter (7781) Sunquist D125
Chemistry Dr. Lisa Sullivan, Chair Donna Liverett (7628) Sunquist A308
Computer Science & Information Technology Dr. Bruce Myers, Chair Betty Leimer (7840) MMCS 206
Engineering Technology John Byrd, Chair Jamie Gaither (1470) FCC / TB 203
Geosciences Dr. Jack Deibert, Chair Lucinda Carrigan (7454) McCord 203
Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Samuel Jator, Chair Melody Shipley (7833) MMCS 205
Physics and Astronomy Dr. Alex King, Chair Sherry Bagwell (6116) Sunquist B33


Directors Assistant Phone & Location
Academic Support Center Martin Golson, Director Cherylle Ward (6554) MX 123
Admissions Amy Corlew, Director Lori Graber (7261) Ellington 129
Center of Excellence for Creative Arts Dr. Janice Crews, Director Jessa Brown (7876) Clement 140
Center for Field Biology Dr. Steven Hamilton, Director Jean Langley (7019) Sunquist D127
GIS Center Mike Wilson, Director Violet Ridenour (7500) 601 N Second
Distance Education Dr. Denise Robledo, Director Janice Poindexter (6487) MCR 104A
Dual Enrollment TBA Linda Stolz (7175) CX 302F
Educational Opportunity Center (TRIO Program) John Johnson, Director TBA (7481) Ellington 333
Extended and International Education Dr. Tim Hudson, Executive Director Janice Poindexter (6487) MCR 104A
Honors Program Dr. Matthew Kenney, Director Jenna Mann (7403) MH 101
Institutional Research & Effectiveness Melissa Hunter, Director Jeana McCullough (6184) BR 216
President's Emerging Leaders Program Dr. Matt Kenney, Director Jenna Mann (6398) Honors Commons
Quality Enhancement Plan Dr. Ashlee Spearman, Director Joi Garrett (6760) ML 215
Registrar, Office of the Telaina Wrigley, Registrar Shirley Korbe (6238) Ellington 303
Research and Sponsored Programs, Office of Brandi Clements, Director Kelly Pitts (7881) McReynolds 110
Student Financial Aid and Veteran's Affairs Donna Price, Director Terri Huth (6256) Ellington 225
Student Support Services (TRIO Program) John Johnson, Director Joy Pigott (7481) Ellington 333
Study Abroad and International Exchange Dr. Marissa Chandler, Director Joi Garrett (6851) ML 223
Teaching and Learning, Center of Dr. Loretta Griffy, Associate Provost Barb LeJeune (7633) DR 325
Tennessee Small Business Development Center Feleesha Johnson, Director   (1370) McReynolds Bldg
Tri-County Upward Bound (TRIO Program) Melissa Conwell, Interim Director Denise Berry (6410) MCR 210
Undergraduate Research, Office of Erin Lynch Alexander, Director   (7625) Miller 227