Academic Program Inventory
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Academic Program Inventory

A comprehensive representation of the academic programs offered by Austin Peay State University (APSU), the Academic Program Inventory (API), will no longer be provided regularly by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC). Due to the governance change, THEC will send out updates to the API three times per year, as the Institutional Governing Boards are now the approving bodies for most program proposals.
As program creation and implementation is an integral part of our functioning, APSU has decided to create an Austin Peay State University Program Inventory. The APSU Inventory will be a reflection of all approved programs at that time and will be updated each time a program proposal is approved.
Please note that a full CIP code may not appear in the APSU API as some digits are not provided to the university until THEC has provided the university with the THEC official API information. Once the THEC API is received, it will be reconciled with the APSU API to ensure CIP code accuracy and accurate reflection of all programs.
The APSU inventory is provided in an excel format to allow users the ability to sort and filter for specific program information. Any questions in regards to the APSU or THEC inventory may be directed to Jasmine O’Brien at or 931-221-6243.


APSU Academic Program Inventory

THEC Academic Program Inventory