Certificate Programs 24 credit hours of less
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Certificate Program: 24 credit hours or less

Certificate programs which will require less than 24 credit hours, have a simplified approval process. In order to begin this process, you will need to complete the Academic Intake Form (Curriculog Form 2). The Academic Intake form allows Academic Affairs to determine if there is a need for the program as well as if the certificate will be a substantive change requiring SACSCOC approval..
Once the Academic Intake form is approved, you are now ready to complete the appropriate Certificate form. From 16 will be utilized if you are proposing a Graduate level certificate and Form 17 is utilized for Undergraduate certificate proposals.

Academic Affairs Curriculum Coordinator
Academic Affairs
Department Curriculum Committee
Department Chair
College Curriculum Committee
College Dean
Graduate Academic Council (if applicable)
Graduate Dean (if applicable)
University Curriculum Committee
APSU Board of Trustees

*Please note if your proposal requires funding, Library Resources or Teacher Education approval additional approval steps are required.

 Substantive Changes require a prospectus to be submitted to SACSCOC for approval prior to the program being implemented. For additional information on Substantive Change, please visit our Substantive Change webpages or attend one of our Substantive Change workshops.