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Academic Program Modifications

There are two types of academic program modifications: Academic Program Modifications that require internal review only and more substantive program modifications that require Tennessee Higher Education Council (THEC) approval. A brief description follows:

Academic Program Modifications (Internal Approval Only)

Per THEC Policy A1.5, the following actions are considered academic actions requiring internal approval only, with notification to THEC for maintenance of the State's Academic Program Inventory (API).

APSU is responsible for notifying THEC of all institutionally approved program actions as outlined above on the following dates:

Academic Program Modifications (THEC Approval)

Per THEC Policy A1.1, the following actions are considered academic actions that require approval from THEC.

Please visit the At-A-Glance page located to review the forms and approval process required for this type of academic program modification. You can access this page by click here.