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Program Modification Process and Timeline

The majority of program modifications to exisiting academic programs and the creation of new concentrations and minors require THEC notification and approval.. This includes any modification to an existing program, with the exception of changing the name or title of a program or academic unit or modifications that are under 18 SCH for undergraduate programs and 9 SCH for graduate programs (See APSU Policy 2:001 and THEC Policy A1.0). Please visit Curriculog to locate the appropriate form needed for proposal submission in the Curriculog system.

Note: Please navigate to Curriculog tab in the menu and complete the Program Modification form (Curriculog Form 6 or 10) and submit for review and approval through the APSU approval bodies (i.e., Department and College Curriculum Committees, Graduate & Research Council (if applicable), Teacher Education Council (if applicable) and the University Curriculum Committee.



Estimated Timeline

Obtain initial support from Department and College
Ensure Department and College leadership supprot the proposed program modification.

~Month 1

Complete the APSU Academic Programs Intake Form and submit to Academic Affairs for Guidance

~Month 1

Draft the Program Modification form and any supplementary documents required.

~Month 1

Review and Feedback: Internal
Submit drafts to the AP/AVPAA for review and editorial feedback. Note: Please submit 30 days in advance of when you would like the drafts to enter the APSU approval process.

~Month 2

APSU Approval Process
Submit the Program Modification form and any other required documents, for review by the following APSU approving bodies in sequential order.
*Please note that the approval bodies do not meet during the months of May-August and December.

  1. Department Curriculum Committe
  2. College Curriculum Committee
  3. Graduate & Research Council, if applicable
  4. Council for Teacher Education, if applicable
  5. University Curriculum Committee
~Months 3-4

Active communication from the  THEC regarding questions about the Forms is expected and immediate response from the department is required.

~Months 5-6

THEC Decisions
The Office of Academic Affairs will notify the Department about THEC's decision. If approved, Academic Affairs will notify the appropriate APSU offices (i.e., The Registrar, Admission, Financial Aid, etc.). If the change requires further THEC response and SACSCOC approval, APSU Academic Affairs will discuss next steps. THEC has final approval.

~Months 6+

Four Year Plan & Graduate Degree MapsThe Department is responsible for meeting with the Center for Teaching and Learning (Undergraduate) and the College of Graduate Studies (Graduate) to incorporate the approved modification to the modified program's Four Year Plan or Graduate Degree Map. This will be in collaboration with the Registrar's Office.

~Months 6+