Approval Prior to Implementation
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Procedure One

Review of Substantive Changes Requiring Approval Prior to Implementation (pgs. 15-19 SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy)

Type of Change Documentation and Time Frame for Contacting SACSCOC
  • Initiating coursework or programs at a different level than currently approved.

Application for Level Change

Due Dates:
March 15 (for June review)
September 1 (for December review)

  • Initiating off-campus sites where 50% or more credits may be earned toward a program
  • Expanding at same level but offering substantially different programs
  • Expanding programs offerings that are substantially different at off-campus sites
  • Initiating a degree completion program
  • Initiating a branch campus
  • Initiating Distance learning by first time offering of 50% or more of the first online program
  • Relocating a main branch or campus
  • Entering into a contract with an entity not certified to participate in USDOE Title IV

Cover Sheet
Due Dates:
January 1 for 7/1-12/31 implementation
July 1 for 1/1- 6/30 implementation

  • Initiating dual or joint degrees involving program
    expansion or new site where 50% or more credit
    is earned

Cover sheet
Due Dates:
January 1 for 7/1-12/31 implementation
July 1 for 1/1-6/30 implementation
Copy of signed agreement, institutional information based on outlined policy.

  • Initiating Dual or Joint degree with at least one non SACSCOC accredited institution
      Acceptance of notification, copy of signed agreement,
contact information for each institution,
and additional details on non-SACSCOC institution.
  • Initiating a direct assessment competency-based program
      Submit "Screening Form" with letter of notification.
If Prospectus is required follow these Due Dates: 
March 15 (for June Review)
September 1 (for December review)
  • Initiating a merger/consolidation with another institution
  • Changing governance, ownership, control or legal status of the institution
  • Acquiring any program or site from another institution
  • Adding a permanent location at a site where the
    institution is conducting a teach-out for another
    institution that is closing

Cover Sheet
Institutional Summary Form
(Mergers, Consolidations, Change of Ownership, Acquisitions, and Change of Governance, Control
Form or Legal Status)
Due Dates:
March 15 (for June review)
September 1 (for December review)

  • Initiating a certificate program and a new off-campus
    site at employer's request and on short notice.
  • Initiating a certificate program that is a significant departure
  • Adding a site under a U.S. military contract for a previously approved program
  • Altering significantly the length of a program
  • Altering significantly the educational mission of the institution

Cover Sheet
Modified prospectus
Contact Commission Staff

  • Change from clock to credit hours
      Justify reasons for change, indicate calculation of equivalency, and other pertinent information


Procedures that also require Prior Notification:

SACSCOC requires notification at least 6 months prior to implementation.

SACSCOC requires prior notification and the Screening form.

SACSCOC requires prior notification. Deadlines are as follows:
December 15 (for June review)
June 1 (for December review)