Closing a Program, Instructional Site, Branch Campus or an Institution
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Procedure Three

Notification and Prior Approval needed regarding Teach-Out Plans and Teach-Out Agreements (pg. 22-23 SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy)

Types of Change Documentation and Time Frame for Contacting SACSCOC
Closing a program, approved off-campus site, branch campus, or institution where the institution plans to teach out its own students.       Description of teach-out plan included with letter of notification.
Closing a program, approved off-campus site, branch campus, or institution where the institution plan contracts with another
institution(S) to teach-out students (Teach-Out Agreement)
      Description of teach-out plan, copy of signed teach-out agreement(s) detailing terms included with notification.


What are Teach-Out Plans?

Written plan from the institution that provides for equitable treatment of students in the case of an institution closing or the institution ceasing to offer a program prior to all currently enrolled students completing the program.

  • Date of closure (when students will no longer be admitted)
  • Explanation of how affected parties will be informed of the impending closures.
  • Explanation of how all affected students will be helped to complete their program of study with minimal disruption
  • Indications as to whether the teach-out plan will incur additional charges/expenses to the students 
  • Copies of signed teach-out agreements with other institutions, if any
  • How faculty and staff will be redeployed or helped to find new employment
  • If closing, arrangement for the storing of student records, disposition of final financial resources and other assets.

What is a Teach-Out Agreement?

Written agreement between institutions that provides equitable treatment and a reasonable opportunity for students to complete their program of study.

  • Teach-Out institution has necessary experience, resources and support services to provide education program of acceptable quality and reasonably similar in content, structure and scheduling to that provided by the closed institution.
  • Demonstrated that it can provide students access to the program and services without requiring them to move or travel substantial distances.

Closing an institution without an agreement

SACSCOC seeks assistance from US Department of Education and appropriate state agencies to help its students find reasonable opportunities to complete their education.