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Minors in Art

Arts Entrepreneurship Minor 18 credit hours

The Arts Entrepreneurship minor is designed for students interested in career and entrepreneurial opportunities in the arts. The courses required for the minor teach students how to create, fund, and operate artistic enterprises in both nonprofit and for-profit environments. These required courses are complemented by an array of electives that allow students to tailor the minor to their own goals. This flexibility makes the minor a good choice for any student, regardless of major, interested in a career in the arts. 

This minor is a joint effort of the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts, the Center for Entrepreneurship in the College of Business, and the College of Arts and Letters. 

Required Courses: 12 hours
CECA 3050 Funding Artistic Endeavors* 3.0
MGT 3610 Entrepreneurship 3.0
MGT 3630 Creativity & Ideation 3.0
MGT 3640 Business Models 3.0

Electives: 6 hours
Select two courses (6 hours) from the following.

ART 4310 Internship: Student Innovation Hub
ART 4130 Design Center
CECA 3010 Arts in the Community
COMM 3800 Principles of Media Advertising
COMM 3910 Media Relations
COMM 4150 Feature Writing
ENGL 1100 Technical Writing
ENGL 3600 Professional Writing and Editing
ENGL 3700 Business Writing
ENGL 4300 The Art of the Review
ENGL 4620 Literary Journal Internship
MGT 4610 Venturing
MKT 3110 Salesmanship

Art History Minor - 18 Credit Hours

Required Courses: 9 hours
ART 1030 Art Appreciation
ART 2010 Art History Survey I
ART 2020 Art History Survey II 

Electives: 9 hours (select 3 courses)
ART 3200 Art History, United States
ART 3220 Modern Art, 19th & 20th Century
ART 3230 Art History Contemporary
ART 3240 Art History of Photography
ART 324x Art History Special Topics
ART 3270 History of Graphic Design

Graphic Design Minor - 18 Credit Hours 

Required Courses: 12 hours
ART 1045 Drawing I
ART 1070 Electronic Imaging
ART 2320 Graphic Design I
ART 2520 Typography I
ART 3370 Web Design I 
ART 3270 History of Graphic Design

Plus 1 Approved elective from the following list:
ART 3520 Typography II
ART 4120 Graphic Design II
ART 4370 Web Design II 

Photography Minor - 18 Credit Hours

Required Courses: 18 hours
ART 1070 Electronic Imaging
ART 2090 Photography I
ART 3240 Art History of Photography
ART 3590 Photography II
ART 3690 Digital Photography
ART 4190 Photography III or approved elective

Studio Art Minor - 18 Credit Hours 

Required Courses: 6 hours
ART 1340 Foundations Studio I
ART 1350 Foundations Studio II

Electives:  12 hours
Approved Elective 1
Approved Elective 2
Approved Elective 3
Approved Elective 4