TN Promise and Art & Design
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TN Promise and Art & Design

For students planning to earn a B.A. in Studio Art from APSU after earning an associates degree using the Tennessee Promise, we recommend the A.S. in Liberal Arts. APSU offers the A.S. in Liberal Arts degree and students can use the Tennessee Promise here.

Liberal Arts, A.S.

General Electives Recommended for students earning an A.S. with the Tennessee Promise who then want to earn a bachelors degree in art or design. Students must meet the other published requirements for the A.S. degree

Recommended Electives

APSU 1000 1 hour
Foundation Program
ART 1010 2D Design 3 Hours
ART 1020 3D Design 3 Hours
ART 1040 Drawing I 3 Hours
ART 1050 Drawing II 3 Hours
ART 1070 Electronic Imaging 3 Hours
ART 2010 Art History Survey I 3 Hours

TOTAL 19 Hours

Sample Four Year degree plan for BA in Studio Art (guided curriculum for graphic design)   with a minor in Arts Entrepreneurship **

3rd Year
     Fall Semester
ART 2020 Art History Survey II
ART 2320 Graphic Design I
ART 2520 Typography I
ART 3270 History of Graphic Design
CECA 3050 Funding Artistic Endeavors
     Spring Semester
ART 3370 Web Design
ART 4120 Graphic Design II
MGT 3610 Entrepreneurship
ART 4370 Web Design II
SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I

4th Year
     Fall Semester
MGT 3630 Creativity & Ideation
MGT 3640 Business Models
ART 4130 Design Center
ART 3230 History of Contemporary Art
SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II
     Spring Semester
ART 4170 Digital Media III
ART 3690 Digital Photo
ART 4090 Problems in Art
ART 4310 Art Internship

** This is one of many paths to graduation with a degree in art

Please contact Barry Jones, Chair Department of Art & Design if you have questions or want advice about your specific education and career goals.