Faculty Guide to Academic Alert
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Faculty Guide to Academic Alert


Who to Alert

The Academic Alert System is open to courses administered through the Clarksville campus, Fort Campbell campus, and online. Faculty are encouraged to submit an Academic Alert Referral for any student enrolled in their 1000 and 2000 level courses who show signs of deficient academic progress, have a grade below a C, or have attendance issues. Preference is given to Academic Alert Referrals for 1000 and 2000 level courses, but upper level courses will be considered as time allows.


What to Alert

The Academic Alert Roster found on APOneStop web self-service contains a list of issues from which faculty may choose by clicking on the green box by each student's name. Academic Alert Referrals may be sent for students who exhibit one of more of the following concerns:

An Academic Alert will also be automatically generated when a midterm grade below a C is entered for any 1000 to 2000 level course. It will include "a grade below a C" for the issue or concern and an estimated grade of a D or F will be included.


When to Alert

The Academic Alert Coordinator will announce the opening of Academic Alert Referral for each semester and term through “the gov says.” Faculty should be mindful of these dates and  submit Academic Alert Referrals at the first sign of deficient academic progress. An early alert provides the student and the Office of Academic Alert with more time to develop a solution to the student’s academic issues.


Standard Procedure

The Office of Academic Alert follows specific contact procedures for each Academic Alert Referral. When Faculty submit Academic Alert Referrals, the Academic Alert System within INB generates an email. The Academic Alert email is sent to the alerted student’s APMail account, the alerting instructor, the Academic Advisor, and the Academic Alert email account at academicalert@apsu.edu. Emails will also be sent to the APSU 1000 instructor, Athletic Advisor, and PASS 0900 instructor, when appropriate. The student’s copy of the Academic Alert Referral is considered the initial contact.

When a student is contacted either in person, over the telephone, or by email, the Academic Alert Coordinator and/or support staff member will discuss possible resources to address the issues listed in the student’s Academic Alert Referral. When students contact their alerting instructor for assistance, the instructor should inform the Office of Academic Alert. This allows the Academic Alert staff to follow-up with the student and provide additional resources, as necessary.


Academic Alert Procedures

Make a Big Difference with an Easy Tool

 1. Login to AP OneStop and select “Web Self Service.”

Screenshot of OneStop with tabs2. Select “Faculty Services” and then “Academic Alert Roster.”

Screenshot showing options within Web Self Service
3. Select the appropriate term from the drop down menu and “Submit.”

Screenshot showing the term selected4. Select the course containing the student(s) you wish to alert from the drop down menu and “Submit”.

Screenshot showing the block for selecting a course
5. Here you will see a roster for the selected course. Click the green plus sign button next to the student to reveal the options for alert.

Screenshot showing the issues or concerns list
6. Select all of the alert options that apply using the check boxes and then “Submit.”

All done! An email will be sent to the student, their Academic Advisor, Academic Alert, and you. If applicable, the Athletic Academic Coordinator and the student’s APSU 1000 and/or PASS instructors would receive an email as well.

For more information, please visit the Academic Alert website (opens in a new window) or contact them directly in Marks 127, by email to academicalert@apsu.edu (opens in a new window), or by calling 931-221-6555.

Please note: The Academic Alert roster page times out after 60 minutes so submit your selections as soon as you check them off.