Academic Alert
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Academic Alert


What is Academic Alert?

Academic Alert helps connect students to the resources and assistance they need to be successful in higher education. This web based early warning system allows concerned instructors to contact students via APMAIL about their concerns and to put the students in touch with the Office of Academic Alert. Academic Alert is a means of indicating concern and should not be viewed as punitive or negative in nature.

The Office of Academic Alert staff will address each students issues and work with the students to understand what steps may need to be taken and what resources are available to assist them.


How Does Academic Alert Work?

Academic Alert can be generated two ways. An alert can be generated at any time during a semester or term by a concerned faculty member through the automated web based alert system for one or more of the following issues:

Or, an alert can be automatically generated when an instructor enters a midterm grade of below a C. An alert generated this way will include the midterm letter grade of either a D or F.


Who is Notified?

Once an Academic Alert is submitted, emails are sent to the student, the Academic Alert Coordinator, the submitting instructor, and the student's Academic Advisor. Emails may also be sent to the Athletic Academic Coordinator, APSU 1000, and PASS instructors, when appropriate. The Academic Alert staff are committed to student privacy and follow FERPA guidelines for protecting information.

Academic Alert works closely with academic departments and support agencies to coordinate the necessary assistance to help students be academically successful.