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This is the official web site for all of the astronomy courses at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville Tennessee. If you're registered in one of these classes you've come to the right place; if not, feel free to look around and consider taking one of our courses --- they're way cool!


SDSS SkyServer DR7       Hubble Redshift


How Do I Get Started?

The astronomy minor can be completed by anyone in any degree program. The non-technical track requires very little math background and includes courses like astrobiology, history of astronomy, cosmology, observational astronomy and astrophotography. The technical track requires extensive math beginning with calculus. The minor is started by taking one of the introductory level astronomy courses (Astr 1010/1011 or Astr 1020/1021) in any order. If you are interested in the technical track or a career in astronomy, the physics major with an astrophysics track is what you want. Click on the link below to see the astrophysics option