Master of Science in Management
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Master of Science in Management

The College of Business at Austin Peay offers an online Master of Science in Management. 

The program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in any field and offers fast-track terms that last just 8-weeks.  Convenient online courses enable students to balance graduate studies with work and personal commitments, with an option to graduate in 12 or 24 months. 

Through the Management program, students gain the business knowledge they need to succeed with exceptional business and leadership preparation for students with little or no business experience. Students attending full-time can complete the program in one year.

The Management program is offered completely online through the Ft. Campbell campus and admits for Ft. Campbell Spring 1, Summer 3 and Fall 1 terms.

MSM Program Director/Advisor
Ms. Carlene Smith

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Course Descriptions

MGT 5000 - Applied Business Research
Addresses research topics and methods managers encounter in the workplace with emphasis on the relationship of research and decision-making across all functions. Students will also explore the benefits of careful research designs, the dangers of research results that are inappropriately developed and the political aspects of research and using its conclusions will also be studied. Application of techniques of management science (queuing theory and linear programming) will be discussed.

MGT 5010 - Business Foundations
Designed as the first course for non-business majors. Students are exposed to the competitive, fast-paced, constantly changing global business environment. This class offers students an overview of strategic planning, managerial and financial decision, employee relations, and ethical and social behavior.

MGT 5020 - Managerial Use of Financial Reports
A course showing managers how to critically analyze and use financial reports for control of the firm. In addition, the course will cover theories of risk and return, of scarce resources within the company and use of financial markets and institutions.

MGT 5030 - Technology and Information Systems Management
Focuses on how managers can use technology and information systems for ethical decision making and problem-solving in a global economy. Topics include integrating and using technology and information systems as a strategic resource for planning, continuous improvement and communications.

MGT 5040 - Leadership and Organizational Dynamics
Evaluates theories, concepts and tools that enable business leaders to succeed by sound strategic and visionary decisions, motivating teams and acting in an ethical and professional manner. Students acquire an understanding of leadership and organization and community leadership in a changing and diverse environment.

MGT 5080 - Human Resource Issues for Managers
Addresses the skills managers need to effectively implement human resource practices and gain competitive advantage. Students learn how to select and train employees, produce, communicate job performance ratings and carry out disciplinary procedures, all with context of prevailing ethical and legal standards.

MGT 5810 - Issues in Strategic Management
This capstone course integrates topics contained in courses comprising the functions of business. Discussions originate from studying the development and implementation of corporate strategy amid changing global environmental forces at both the general and competitive level. Included are the reciprocal contributions of sound strategies and efficient, effective and ethical management of the value chain to achieve a profitable, innovative, internal consistency of operations.

Elective Courses

MGT 5060 - Motivational Systems
Exposes students to the theoretical and applied aspects of motivation, focusing on definition and application of motivation in organizational settings.

MGT 5090 - Corporate Citizenship
Explores corporate citizenship and how organizations implement strategies to fulfill social responsibility and financial goals.

MGT 5140 - Leadership and Power
Examines the basic concepts of leadership and power in an organizational environment with two perspectives: the person wielding the power and the person who acts in response to another person’s manipulation of power and authority.

MGT 5150 - Contemporary Leaders
Introduces significant leadership accomplishments of individuals along with the traditional leadership thought and theory from post-World War II to the present, focusing on paths, leadership styles and major accomplishments of historically significant individuals.

MGT 5160 - Employer and Labor Relations
Details the structure and process of labor relations issues in the United States and addresses issues relating to collective bargaining and contract negotiations.

MGT 5210 - Emerging Issues in Management
Explores special challenges that confront management and leadership across a variety of organizations, and extends the examination to emerging issues and trends.

COMM 5600 - Integrated Corporate Communication
Important corporate communication areas such as internal communication advertising, PR, sales promotion, direct marketing and new communication technologies and how these approaches work together to achieve organizational objectives.