Department of Communication
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Department of Communication

The APSU Department of Communication offers unique and exciting options for students who select our program. Students may engage in real-world experience, as well as hands-on opportunities, from the moment they enter our program as freshmen.

Welcome to the Department of Communication

The Department of Communication has something for everyone interested in a communication degree. With more than 300 undergraduate students enrolled in concentrations from Broadcast Media, Sports Broadcasting, Information Specialist, Internet Technology, Media Technology to Print and Web Journalism, Corporate Communication, and Public Relations students find a place to learn and grow in our discipline. Led by 16 faculty members with extensive classroom and real-world experience in their fields of expertise, students who join us study with academics and seasoned professionals. Classes are small enough that you get to know others in your major as well as your professors. Our students enjoy state-of-the-art HD digital audio and video production rooms, a sports broadcasting studio and control room, editing labs, a research lab, and we are proud to have our own TV channels and FM radio station where students are involved on a regular basis.  Students from across the United States enjoy our Online Graduate degree programs that are offered in Corporate or General Communication specializations as well as in our Marketing Communication and Media Management concentrations. We enjoy hearing from prospective students and encourage you to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into our department.