Why Major in Biology
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Why study Biology in the College of STEM at APSU?

Through your study in biology you will gain exposure to the vastness of the living world from microorganisms that provide us with new sources of energy to physiological processes at work in animals and plants as well as ecological interactions on a local and global level. Biology majors thus gain a broad understanding of the natural world and develop skills of the scientific process enabling them to think critically in the collection and analysis of data.

The Department of Biology is a student-centered department whose faculty and staff are committed to your success. The major enables you to work closely with faculty in the development of your program of study and provides you access to a variety of laboratory and field research opportunities. As a biology student, you will have access to a herbarium, zoological museum and research lab space.   You will have the chance to conduct field research at various locations, including our 470-acre farm and watersheds throughout the area.

Graduates from APSU with a major in biology are prepared to continue their education in professional programs; such as medical school, physical therapy or graduate school, or they may enter the workforce as research scientists in university or industry laboratories, biological consultants, or as scientists in local, state, or federal government agencies.

  •  Dr. William E. Beaumont Memorial and Dr. Gerald Karr Scholarship
  • John Joseph Flood Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Haskell C. Phillips and Estelle Judd Phillips Scholarship
  • Jack W. Beach Memorial Scholarship
  • Marion and Robert Gossett and Charles Bruno Memorial Scholarship
  • Gary Mathews Scholarship
  • Evelyn Ross Hinson Memorial Scholarship
  • Benjamin P. Stone Scholarship
  • Roe Family Scholarship
  • Durward Harris Scholarship
  • Dr. David H. Snyder Memorial Scholarship

Whom should I contact to learn more about majoring in biology?

Don C. Dailey, Ph.D.
Chair, Professor of Biology
Department of Biology
601 College St.
Austin Peay State University
Clarksville, TN  37044

For more information about studying biology at APSU, please visit the Department of Biology.