Global Security Studies Minor
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What is the Global Security Studies minor?

The minor in global security studies is a multicultural and transnational extension of safety and justice concerns on a worldwide scale as the process of globalization brings new challenges.  It looks at how threats are constructed which potentially impact all of humanity in ways that nation-states and international organizations cannot handle.  Standard topics include unexpected economic downturns, new kinds of wars and conflicts, emerging disease epidemics, creeping climate change, crimes against humanity, drug trafficking, terrorism, cyberattacks, natural and technological disasters, stellar catastrophes, the assimilation of immigrants, and cultural hybridity.  It is a  field that is evolving out of international relations, strategic studies, peace research, comparative criminology, and disaster management, taking a critical approach with these and other diverse perspectives it draws upon.

What courses are required for the GSS minor?

A list of required courses for the GSS minor can be found in the Academic Bulletin.