Major Field Test
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Major Field Test

Most departments require graduating seniors to take an exam that covers topics specific to their major. Known as a Major Field Test, the exam is different from the Senior Exit Exam, which focuses on general education.

Seniors preparing to graduate with a Bachelor's degree from any of the majors listed below should contact the department representative listed to schedule testing. Students graduating from majors not listed below should contact their academic advisor to see if an exit exam is required. Seniors graduating from Allied Health, Education and Nursing programs are required to take licensure tests given in lieu of a Major Field Test.

All requests for exemptions must be directed to the department representative. Exemptions given for the Senior Exit Exam do not apply to the Major Field Test requirement. To see a list of all graduation requirements, please visit the Office of the Registrar's website.


Major   Contact Person   Email Address
Accounting   Margaret Douglas
Agriculture   Dr. Don Sudbrink
Biology   Dr. Cindy Taylor
Chemistry   Donna Liverett
Communication Arts   Cindy McElroy
Computer Information Systems   Betty Leimer
Computer Information Technology   Betty Leimer
Computer Science    Betty Leimer
Criminal Justice   Melissa Boyer
Engineering Technology   Jamie Gaither
English   Jessica D'Alimonte
Finance   Margaret Douglas
Geosciences   Dr. Jack Deibert
Health & Human Performance   Kim Coats
History   Debbie Shearon
Management   Margaret Douglas
Marketing   Margaret Douglas
Mathematics   Dr. David Menser
Physics   Sherry Bagwell
Political Science   Sage Disney
Psychological Science   Dr. Nicole Knickmeyer
Public Management   Sage Disney
Social Work   Ericka Davis
Sociology   Dr. Tucker Brown


All Major Field Test results are reported back to each department. Graduates requesting their scores should contact the department that administered the exam.