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Administrator Licensure Program




Advisor: Dr. Gary Stewart - 931-221- 6782


This performance-based curriculum for prospective school administrators is based on the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards (TILS) developed by the Tennessee Department of Education and enacted into law by the Tennessee General Assembly and initiated in September 2009 in all Tennessee Principal (instructional leadership) Licensing Programs. This program is designed to prepare candidates for educational administrative positions. The program is designed to be taken by cohort groups.  EDUC 5710 Introduction to School Leadership (3) must be taken in the first semester of enrollment. Upon completion of the program and the SLLA PRAXIS exams, the student will receive a Master of Arts in Education and be eligible for licensure as a Tennessee school administrator.



Degree:          Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.)

Major:            Educational Leadership


Educ 5612 Instructional Technology for School Leaders (3)

Educ 5700 Seminar in Leadership (3)

Educ 5710 Introduction to School Leadership (3)

Educ 5720 Research and Decision Making (3)

Educ 5730 Schools and Community Relations (3)

Educ 5740 Supervision of Instruction (3)

Educ 5750 School Finance and Business Management (3)

Educ 5760 Human Resource Administration and Supervision (3)

Educ 5770 Administration of Special Services Program (3)

Educ 5780 School Law and Ethics (3)

Additional Requirements for Licensure: 

School Leader Licensure Assessment – Test Code 6011

Courses with Prerequisites:

EDUC 5710 and 5720 are prerequisites for other courses.

Milestone Review:

Students must complete three milestones while completing this program.  Milestone I will be completed while in the first term of enrollment. Milestone II must be completed before enrolling capstone course.  Milestone III occurs at graduation.

Capstone Course: 

Educ 5700, Seminar in Leadership  is the capstone course for this program and must be taken the last term of enrollment.  It is offered fall and spring semesters as it requires interaction in the local schools.  Milestone II is prerequisite.

Research Plan I:      

  1. Research Foundations/Methods course from a graduate course, with the minimum of one advisor/teacher to oversee
  2. Program Portfolio reviewed by graduate committee

Portfolio Requirement:

Rather than completing comprehensive exams, candidates will complete a LiveText portfolio based on the standards on the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards

Program Proposal

Program Approval Letter

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