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Curriculum and Instruction -
Advanced Studies

Advisor: Dr. Benita Bruster 931-221-7696


This program provides an opportunity for advanced studies and continuing professional development in several content areas.  Based on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, this program is designed for those holding a teaching license. 



Degree:          Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.)

Major:                        Curriculum and Instruction

Specialization:          Advanced Studies


Educ 5000      Research in Education (3)

Educ 6500     Seminar on Curriculum Improvement and Construction (3)

Educ 5200      Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (3)

Educ 5611      Education Computer Applications (3)

Educ 6800      Seminar on Teaching Effectiveness (3)

Educ 6400     Social/Cultural Foundations in Education (3)

Educ 5150     The Reflective Practitioner (3)

SPED 6550     School Law (3)

Specialty Areas:  Select two courses (6 hours) from one specialty area in consultation with the graduate committee.

      Early Childhood


      Health and Human Performance

      Language Arts/Reading



      Social Studies


      STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Milestone Review:

Students must complete three milestones while completing this program.  Milestone I will be completed while in the first term of enrollment. Milestone II must be completed before enrolling capstone course.  Milestone III occurs at graduation.

Capstone Course: 

Educ 5150 – The Reflective Practitioner is the capstone course for this program and must be taken the last term of enrollment.  It is offered fall and spring semesters as it requires interaction in the local schools.  Milestone II is prerequisite.

Research Plan I:      

A. Research Foundations/Methods course from a graduate course, with the minimum of one advisor/teacher to oversee.

B. Written capstone project reviewed by graduate committee