C & I Masters Degree - Advanced Studies
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Master of Arts in Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Advanced Studies



Program Contact Information:

Dr. Anthony Sanders

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Program Description: 
This program provides an opportunity for advanced studies and continuing professional development in several content areas.  Based on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, this program is designed for those holding a teaching license.

Admission Requirements: 


 EDUC 5000 - Research in Education (3)

Description: Study and practice in the techniques of educational research; isolation of research problems; development of skill in reading, interpreting and applying research with extensive reading related to the student’s interest. Should be taken at the beginning of your program. 

EDUC 6500 - Seminar on Curriculum Improvement and Construction (3)

Description: Basic principles of curriculum improvement with emphasis upon the means by which schools can more effectively provide learning through curricular organization, adjustment and rebuilding.

EDUC 5200 - Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (3)

Description: Designed to aid the teacher or administrator in evaluating pupils and programs in terms of goal achievement, desired outcomes, program adjustment and development of evaluation strategies. 

EDUC 5601 - Digital Learning in the Classroom (3)

Description: This course is designated to provide educators with a foundation for successful technology integration in instructional materials. This course related directly to the International Standards of Technology in Education (ISTE) standards for technology facilitators and provides a learning activity related to each of those eight standards. In addition, the learning opportunities in this course address three of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

EDUC 6800 - Seminar on Teaching Effectiveness (3)

Description: Focus on theory and practice of teaching, with emphasis upon leadership responsibilities in improving the effectiveness of the classroom teacher.

EDUC 6400 - Social and Cultural Foundations in Education (3)

Description: This course examines the impact of past and contemporary assets in American education from anthropological and sociological perspectives, focusing on the teaching and learning of students from diverse backgrounds.

SPED 6550 - Special Education Law (3)

Description: This course provides a review of current laws and court cases and relevant due process hearings. The course focuses on what the law says and how the courts are interpreting the law. This course prepares students for the trends in special education and the reasons for these trends.

RDG 5040 - Expanding Literacy Across the Content Area (3)

Description: This course is designed to prepare teachers to address literacy in the content areas from the intermediate grades through the secondary level. The course focuses on prompting a wide variety of reading materials that students can and want to read, instruction that builds study skills to read complex materials with comprehension and be successful in content areas across the curriculum. 

EDUC 6630 - Reading, Writing, and Learning Methods for ELL (3)

Description: Topics build basic knowledge in oral, reading, and writing development in English ELL students. The course covers language acquisition theories, literacy development in the first and second language. The course assists practicing classroom teachers in meeting the needs of English language learners with varying levels of English language proficiency and educational experiences. 

EDUC 5150 - The Reflective Practitioner (3)

Prerequisite: Graduate Milestone II requirements

Description: This course is a capstone seminar for students that articulates the role of and explores the varied dimensions of the process of reflective teaching as it may be utilized by the elementary, special education, reading or secondary teacher. A culminating course that summarizes and synthesizes the knowledge acquired throughout the Master of Arts in Education - Advanced Studies specialization. This course should be taken the last term of enrollment. 

Capstone Course:

Education 5150 – The Reflective Practitioner is the capstone course for this program and must be taken the last term of enrollment, and requires interaction in public schools 

Research Plan I:

 A. Research Foundations/Methods course (EDUC 5000).

 B. Written capstone project reviewed by graduate committee (EDUC 5150).