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Curriculum and Instruction - Math

 Advisor: Dr. Ann Assad 931-221-6143


The Mathematics Specialization is an advanced degree appropriate for licensed teachers of elementary school, middle school, or high school.


Degree: Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.)

Major: Curriculum and Instruction

Specialization: Mathematics



MATH 5090 Research in Mathematics Education (3)
MATH 5940 Mathematics Education Research Paper  (3)
MATH 5080 Mathematics in a Technological World  (3)
MATH 5070 Methods, Materials, and Strategies in Teaching Mathematics (3)
MATH 5120 Contemporary Programs in K-12 Mathematics
Choose 2 courses:
Educ 6500 Seminar on Curriculum Improvement and Construction (3)
Educ 5200 Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (3)
Educ 6800 Seminar on Teaching Effectiveness (3) 
Choose 3 courses:
MATH 5040 Number Theory for Teachers (3)
MATH 5050 History of Mathematics for Teachers (3)
MATH 5060 Probability and Statistics for Teachers  (3)
MATH 5020 Geometry for  Elementary and Middle School Teachers (3)
MATH 5030   Problem Solving  (3)
MATH 5520 Algebra for Teachers (3)
MATH 5640 Geometry for Teachers (3)
MATH 5350 Calculus for Teachers (3)

Milestone Review:

Students must complete three milestones while completing this program.  Milestone I will be completed while in the first term of enrollment. Milestone II must be completed before enrolling capstone course.  Milestone III occurs at graduation.

Capstone Course:

Math 5940: Mathematics Education Research Paper is the capstone course for this program and must be taken the last term of enrollment.  It is offered fall and spring only as it requires interaction in the local schools.  Milestone II is prerequisite.