Reading Specialist Licensure Program
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Master of Arts in Education
Reading Specialist
Licensure Program


New cohort beginning January 2018


Program Contact Information:

Dr. Tara Alvey


READING SPECIALIST (PreK-12) [30 Credit Hours]

Graduate Tuition and Fees


This program is used to satisfy Tennessee licensure for Reading Specialist upon three years or more of satisfactory classroom teaching experience or the equivalent; an official transcript on file with the Office of Teacher Licensure; and an official endorsement plan of study completed with the advisor and filed with the Office of Teacher Licensure.



Degree: Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.)

Major: Reading


Rdg 5820 Foundations of Reading and Literacy Development (3)

Rdg 5830 Assessing Literacy Needs (3)

Rdg 5840 Assisting Students with Literacy Needs (3)

Rdg 5850 Seminar on Reading (3)

Rdg 5860 Practicum in Literacy Development (3)

Educ 5000 Research in Education (3)

Educ 5870 Seminar in Children’s Literature (3)

Rdg 5040 Explaining Literacy Across the Content Area (3)

Rdg 5890 Teaching Reading in the Secondary School (3)

Rdg 6051 The Art of Teaching Writing (3)

 Additional Requirements for Licensure: 

Three or more years of satisfactory teaching experience or the equivalent is required.

Praxis II Required Testing:  Test Code 300 – Reading Specialist (minimum score510)

Courses with Prerequisites:

Rdg 5830 – Co-requisite or prerequisite of 5820

Rdg 5840 – Prerequisite of 5830

Rdg 5860 – Capstone Course – must be taken last term of enrollment.  Milestone II is prerequisite.

Milestone Review:

Students must complete three milestones while completing this program.  Milestone I will be completed while in the first term of enrollment. Milestone II must be completed before enrolling capstone course.  Milestone III occurs at graduation.

Capstone Course: 

Rdg. 5860 Practicum in Literacy Development is the capstone course for this program and must be taken the last term of enrollment.  It is offered fall and spring semesters as it requires interaction in the local schools.  Milestone II is prerequisite.

Research Plan I:    

A.        Research Foundations/Methods course from a graduate course, with the minimum of one advisor/teacher to oversee.

B.        Written capstone action research project reviewed by graduate committee.