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PreK-3 Licensure M.A.T.



PreK-3 Specialization

Graduate Coordinator:  Dr. Barbara Peterson 931-221-6468


The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) provides opportunities for persons who hold baccalaureate degrees to complete initial teacher licensure requirements and a master’s degree concurrently.  This degree program is not available to persons who already hold a professional teaching license. However, persons teaching on a transitional license may qualify for admission to the M.A.T. degree program. 



Degree:          Master of Arts in Teaching

Major:                        Teaching

Concentration: Elementary Education (K-6)

Specialization:   PreK-3


EDUC 5500 Foundations of Education (3) 
EDUC 5501 Models of Teaching (3)
EDUC 5080 Classroom Management(3)
EC 5160 Learning Styles of Culturally Different (3)
EC 5170 Seminar on Eval/Assessment  (3)
EDUC 5540 Instructional Tech Strategies (3)
EC 5140 Application of Developmental Theory (3)
SPED 5550 Trends/Issues in Special Education (3)
EDUC 5000 Research in Education (3)
EC 5130 Trends and Issues in Early Childhood (3) 
RDG 5361 Teaching Reading (3)
RDG 5362 Reading Difficulties    (3)
RDG 5363 Teaching Lang Arts and Literature (3) 
EDUC 5360 Teaching Science and Social Studies   (3)
MATH 5100 Teaching Mathematics (3)

Additional Requirements for Licensure:

Testing Requirements:

Principles of Learning and Teaching (0621) required score 155

Elementary Education:  Content Knowledge (0014) required score 140

Education of Young Children (0021) required score of 155

Teaching Reading:  Elementary (5203) required score of 162

Clinical teaching:

Students must complete student teaching or complete transitional licensure requirements for this degree.

Milestone Review:

Students must complete four milestones while completing this program.  Milestone I will be completed while in Educ 5500, Milestone II in Educ 5501, Milestone III in Educ 5080 and Milestone IV while clinical teaching or teaching on a transitional licensure contract.

Courses with Prerequisites:

Math 1410 and 1420 is a prerequisite for Math 5100.

Educ 5500 is to be taken the first term of enrollment.

Educ 5501 is to be taken the term after Educ 5500.

Educ 5080 should be taken the last term before clinical teaching.

Rdg 5361 is the prerequisite for Rdg 5362 and Rdg 5363.

Important note:  Educ 5500, 5501, Rdg 5361, 5362, 5363, Math 5100, and Educ 5360 are not offered in the summer.

Capstone Course: 

Educ 5940 is the capstone course for this program and must be taken the last term of enrollment.  It is offered fall and spring semesters as it requires interaction in the local schools.  Milestone III is prerequisite. 

Research Plan I:      


A.        Completion of Educ 5000 – Educational Research

B.         Completion of edTPA Capstone Project

Content Area Matrix

Program Implementation Standards