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Aviation Science: Concentration Rotor-Wing


The APSU Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Science, with a concentration in Rotor Wing (helicopters) is unique in the State of Tennessee. The program is the first rotorcraft flight school attached to a bachelor's degree in the state. The bachelor's degree will help veterans, Fort Campbell pilots transitioning out of the military, and civilians pursue competitive careers in flight instruction, aerial tourism, charter operations, and numerous other aviation applications. Students are taught hands-on and academic skills in a professional setting and receive personal attention from their instructors. Flight skills and academics are taught in a recently renovated, aviation oriented facility located at Clarksville Regional Airport (Outlaw Field). Unlike many flight training facilities in the region, the APSU Aviation Science program is staffed by full-time faculty, well experienced in rotary-wing aviation training. Successful students will receive a well-rounded undergraduate education in addition to the ability to obtain FAA Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor certification. The combination of FAA certification and Bachelor's degree will make graduates more competitive in the career market.

The primary focus of the program is to provide the required academic knowledge and flight skills to earn a Commercial Pilot Certificate, Rotorcraft, Helicopter and Instrument rating. Students will also be provided the ability to earn a Flight Instructor Certificate, Rotorcraft, Helicopter, and Instrument rating. The Aviation academics will provide a foundation in FAA regulations, airmanship, rotary-wing aerodynamics, and methods of instruction which will provide students the opportunity to pass required FAA knowledge tests require for each certificate or rating. The Engineering Technology Core courses and elective courses round out the Bachelor degree requirements.


*VA and USDOE Title IV funding are pending approval.

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