ESL-APSU University Transfer Track
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ESL - APSU University Transfer Track

ESL students who have excelled in their studies with APSU’s ESL Institute and meet program requirements may receive a language proficiency score waiver when applying as APSU degree-seeking. Students may have the option of taking the TOEFL or IELTS tests if they wish. However, any student who does not qualify for the waiver must still meet the minimum language proficiency score requirements for admission. (minimum TOEFL score of 61, IELTS score of 5.5).

Acceptance into University Transfer Track does not guarantee full undergraduate admission. Students still need to meet all other admission requirements such as ACT/SAT/COMPASS test scores, financial sufficiency statement, transfer verification form, transcripts and immunization requirements.


For acceptance by the ESL Institute into the University Transfer Track, students will meet the following requirements:

  1. Application (due before the 5th week of the term)
  2. Acceptable minimum score on proficiency (placement) test (76% out of 100%)
  3. Previous TOEFL scores, if available (official or copy of student report is sufficient)
  4. No history of academic probation while at the ESL Institute
  5. Students must show evidence of progress in their ESL studies (by semester GPA, placement and progress test scores, etc.)

If accepted, the student will meet with the ESL coordinator to ensure understanding of requirements.

For acceptance by APSU Undergraduate Admissions into the University, students will meet the following requirements:

  1. Student will submit an APSU application for admission and all required materials by published deadlines, including current financial sufficiency statement, ACT/SAT/ACCUPLACER test scores, transfer verification form, transcripts and immunization requirements.
  2. The ESL Institute will submit a language proficiency score and recommendation to Admissions office based on successful completion of University Transfer Track requirements:
  • Minimum cumulative ESL Institute GPA of 3.5; maintaining good academic standing during time at the ESL Institute, showing evidence of progress (see #5 above).
  • Application essay with a minimum score of 25 points (out of 30 points).
  • Oral interview with a minimum score of 35 points (out of 40 points).
  • Two recommendation statements from ESL instructors.
  • Progress Test overall total score of 85% (out of 100%) (5% increase may be accepted depending on initial score).
  1. If student did not use joint ESL/undergraduate application when applying to the ESL Institute Student completes the APSU undergraduate application for admission and pays application fee.
  2. Student schedules oral interview and essay session with the ESL coordinator.
  3. Upon completion of testing, the ESL coordinator will meet with the student to go over results and also to check any remaining application requirements/documents.
  4. The ESL coordinator will send the document packet to admissions, including a University Transfer Track recommendation form showing whether or not the student has sufficient language proficiency.
  5. Student waits for reply from Undergraduate Admissions.