ESL Institute & APSU Undergraduate Application for Admission
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F-1 Visa Student: ESL Institute & APSU Undergraduate Application for Admission

This application should be used by international students wishing to apply for:

Students who are not studying under an F-1 student visa should use this application form.

A new student and express mail payment of $115 is required at time of application for ESL admission only. For ESL and APSU undergraduate admission, the payment is $140. If not used, the express mail payment will be applied towards tuition. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you begin this online application form, please review the questions and gather all required information. The form cannot be saved if only partially completed. You will be able to print a copy of the entire form for your records when you have finished.

2. Sex
(passport country)
(agent or other emails can be added later)
7. I-20 Form
The I-20 Form is used to apply for an F-1 international student visa. The ESL Institute will only provide I-20 forms to students who apply for the intensive English program (full-time study).
Do you need an I-20 Form from the ESL Institute at APSU?
9. Permanent Address (in home country)
This must be your permanent address in your home country.

If you are in the United States now, do not enter your U.S. address
. You will enter your U.S. address in Question#11.
11. Do you have a current address in the U.S.?
If yes, please enter your current U.S. address and phone number.
If no, go to Question #14.
14. Are you under (less than) 18 years old?
15. Are you using an agent or educational consultant?

If yes, what is the name of the Agency/Company and the name of your agent?
If no, go to Question #17.

19. Please choose your entry level:
If a First-time student, go to Question #21.
If a Transfer student, where are you currently studying?

21. Will you bring any dependents with you?
22. Where will you live?
23. Do you know someone in the Clarksville/Nashville area?
(sponsor, family member, friend, etc.)
If yes, please enter their name, relationship to you (friend, uncle, aunt, cousin, brother, etc.), their email address and phone number.
If no, go to Question #24.
25. How did you hear about the ESL Institute at APSU?: