Tuition and Fees for F-1 Students
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Tuition & Fees for F-1 Visa Students

The ESL Institute at Austin Peay State University is pleased to offer our program at very competitive costs. If you compare to other regional programs, you will find that we offer an excellent value for your education dollars.

If you are U.S. citizen, permanent resident or any other visa type (except for F-1), please see Tuition and Fees.

The following information is current for the 2018-2019 academic year only for F-1 visa students. All fees are shown in U.S. dollars and are subject to change. Fees are reviewed and set each year.

ESL Institute Tuition and Fees

Includes technology access, cultural activities and ESL program fees

Tuition and Fees (per 7-week term)

$1,950 Total is for a full-time course load of 20 or more hours. 

New Student Fees

Required of first-time (new and transferring) students and is due with the application.  

New Student Fee

$50.00 - $75.00

For ESL admission only, the fee is $50.

For students applying for ESL and APSU undergraduate admission (conditional), the fee is $75.

Express Mail Fee $65.00

The costs to express mail the acceptance packet, including the I-20 form are not covered by the ESL Institute.

If express mail is not used, fee will be applied to tuition at registration.

Students who defer attendance and need a new acceptance packet will pay shipping costs through eShipGlobal. Contact ESL Institute for more information.

Other Fees

Program Services Fee (PSF) and Health Services Deposit (per 7-week term) $415.00

Required of full-time ESL students living in campus housing; optional to off-campus ESL students. Provides access to the campus recreation center, athletic events, health services, and also includes the parking fees.

The unused portion of the health services deposit will be refunded when the student completes the ESL program. 
Continuing ESL students who have already paid the Health Services Deposit would pay $340.00.

Late Fee $50.00 For registrations during the late registration period or for not attending placement testing or orientation.

Other Costs

(not paid directly to the ESL Institute)

Health Insurance $225.00 - $525.00 Estimated cost for 2-5 months 
Parking Pass $50.00 Valid for 5 months; applicable if student does not pay the Program Services Fee (see above)
Textbooks $250.00  estimated


Room and Board

For information about campus housing options, contact the APSU Office of Housing and Residence Life at 931-221-7444 or their website at



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