Spring Seminar Series
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Honors Seminar Program  

Center of Excellence for Field Biology & Department of Biology, Austin Peay State University
Spring 2018
Honors Seminar Program

Seminars are presented at 11:15 AM on Mondays, Room E106A, Sundquist Science Center

January 15, 2018 - University closed.

January 22, 2018 - Jon Davenport, PhD. Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Southeast Missouri State University. "The effects of abiotic and biotic factors on freshwater communities: from the Subartic to SEMO."

January 29, 2018- Brent C. Newman, PhD Candidate. Department of Biological Sciences, Tennessee State University. "Ecology and conservation of the Jamaican Boa in Cockpit Country, Jamaica."

February 5, 2018 - Irina N. Kaverina, PhD. Department of Cell & Developmental Biology, Vanderbilt University. "Role of Golgi-derived microtubules in cell motility and secretion." https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/kaverina-lab/

February 12, 2018 - William B. Sutton, PhD. Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Tennessee State University. "Priority Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Areas (PARCAs): Navigating quantitative approaches and expert opinion to identify conservation areas and evaluate vulnerability."  https://wbsutton.wordpress.com/

February 19, 2018 - Brooke A. Bedal, Masters Candidate. Department of Biology, Austin Peay State University. "The Phylogeography of the Blackside Dace (Chrosomus cumberlandensis)."

February 26, 2018 - Amanda Rosenberger, PhD. Assistant Leader, Tennessee Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, Tennessee Technological University. "The landscape ecology of Alaska fishes."

March 5, 2018 - Spring Break - no classes.

March 12, 2018 - Mackenzie Roeder, Masters Candidate. Center of Excellence for Field Biology, Austin Peay State University.  "A modern population genetic assessment of Atlantic Coast Seaside Sparrows."

March 19, 2018- Reed Noss, PhD. Chief Science Advisor, Southeastern Grasslands Initiative. "The role of fire and other factors in the origin and maintenance of southeastern grasslands."

March 26, 2018 - Roger Applegate. Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, Wildlife Health Program Leader. University of Tennessee. "Diseases in wildlife management."

April 2, 2018 - Dwayne Estes, PhD. Center of Excellence for Field Biology, Austin Peay State University. "The Southeastern Grasslands Initiative: Charting a new course for conservation in the 21st century."

April 9, 2018 - Brooke A. Washburn, Masters Candidate. Department of Biology, Austin Peay State University. "Gene flow in the Tuxedo Darter, a dispersal-limited, habitat specialist living in a large river environment."

April 16, 2018 -  Bryan McLean, PhD. Florida Museum of Natural History. "Linking big biodiversity datasets to understand speciation in ground-dwelling squirrels." https://bryanmclean.weebly.com/

April 23, 2018 - TBA.