Faculty & Staff Grievance Committee
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Faculty & Staff Grievance Committee

Membership 2017-2018:
    • Rebecca Glass, Faculty Representative 

    • Jeff Lebkuecker, Faculty Representative 

    • Charla White-Major, Faculty Representative 

    • Tim Leszczak, Faculty Representative 

    • Rebecca Darrough, Faculty Representative 

    • Leni Dyer, Faculty Representative 

    • Amy Thompson, Faculty Representative 

    • Lauren Wells, Faculty Representative 

    • Kell Black, Faculty Representative 

    • Jill Franks, Faculty Representative 

    • Adel Salama, Faculty Representative 

    • Marlies McKnight, Staff Representative 

    • Allie Michael, Staff Representative 

    • Rachel Carroll, Staff Representative 

    • Carrie Harris, Staff Representative 

    • Debbie Shearon, Staff Representative 

    • Donna Liverett, Staff Representative 

    • Louisa Murray, Staff Representative 

    • Jessica D'Alimonte, Staff Representative 

    • Kim Coats, Staff Representative

    • Cecil Wilson, Staff Representative 


In the event a grievance is submitted to the president, three members of the committee and an alternate will be appointed as a Grievance Panel to hear the grievance.  The majority of members must be from a peer group.  The president will appoint the panel chair.  Details relative to procedures and responsibilities can be found in APSU Policy 1:017.

Ordinarily, a member will serve a three-year term.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Grievance Committee, please contact:  

                              Joanne Shephard
                         E-Mail:  shephardj@apsu.edu