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Every Austin Peay student has a story to tell.

For some, Austin Peay was the next step after high school, while others first chose to serve their country. Some grew up in the shadow of its campus, while others saw Austin Peay as an opportunity to challenge themselves away from their hometown, state or even country. Many saw one of Austin Peay’s nationally recognized programs as the path to their dream career, while others arrived as freshmen still looking to discover their passion.

But regardless of what brought them here, every student’s story is one of someone impacted by Austin Peay’s mission to find the leader in everyone.

We invite you to meet some of Austin Peay’s past and current students, and discover for yourself what makes each #GovLife unique.

Emmanuel Méjeun in MMC
Emmanuel Méjeun – ('17), M.A. Music

“Everything about my story is tied to music: it’s my passion, it’s my love, it’s going to be my job — It’s everything to me.” 

Alexis Larkin in University Center plaza
Alexis Larkin – Senior, Marketing

“Because I made the decision to come to Austin Peay, I’ve been exposed to so many people and different ways of life that I wouldn’t have if I had chosen to stay in Ohio for school.”

Joy Cheatham poses in Maynard Math and Science building
Joy Cheatham – Graduate, Predictive Analytics

“Many companies have teams with members in multiple locations, and APSU’s online classes, projects and discussions has really helped me grow as a leader.”

Natalie Castillo poses in front of Clement
Natalie Castillo – Senior, Psychology

“I like to think everyone is a superhero, but we just have to unlock our own unique superpowers — and a degree in psychological science is going to help me unlock and use my superpower.”

Josh Rees poses in Harned building
Joshua Rees – Junior, Foreign Language/Spanish

“My professors at Austin Peay have always asked me to think about how I can take what I’m already good at and use that to help a bigger group of people than I have before.”

Jenny Hernandez in Foy workout room
Jenny Hernandez – Senior, Health and Human Performance

“When people ask me about Austin Peay, I tell them the truth: I love this campus and it’s the best choice I could have ever made.”

Alexis Hill poses on softball field
Alexis Hill – Senior, Biology

“Austin Peay has treated me way better than I ever thought it could have, and if I had to do it all over again, I’d still choose to go this University.”

Waqas Ahmed poses in Sundquist
Waqas Ahmed – Senior, Biology/Pre-Med

“I think every kid thinks about going away for college, but when I visited Austin Peay, I fell in love with this place and its opportunities.”