Associate Degree & District Collaboratives
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class pictureAssociate Degree & District Collaboratives

Associate Degree

Austin Peay offers high school students the opportunity to complete an Associate Degree while in high school. This can be accomplished in four ways: 1) completely online 2) on campus 3) a combination of on campus and online 4) a combination of online and at the student’s high school.

The Associate Degree in liberal arts requires 41 credit hours of core requirements and 19 hours of electives. It is hoped that students can complete many of the 19 elective hours in their intended major; the dual enrollment office will work with students, parents and counselors to ensure students enroll in viable courses.

Although it is possible to complete, the Associate Degree while in high school, students would need to take an average of 10 hours per semester (three to four classes), including summer after the sophomore year and summer after the junior year. Depending on the student’s previous high school courses, courses taken would count for high school and college credits or for college credits only.

Any previously earned college credits through a regionally accredited institution will transfer to APSU and count toward the hours required for the Associate Degree. Advance Placement scores must meet APSU requirements to be included; scores would need to be received directly from the College Board. The total amount of credit earned through Advance Placement is limited to one-half of the total number of credits required for the degree sought.

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District Collaborative

Austin Peay is working with various counties to offer dual enrollment at a central location in the county during the academic year; summer offerings are either at the central location or on the APSU campus.

Students participating in the collaborative are enrolled in nine to ten credit hours (three to four classes) per semester. Courses are taught on site by an APSU faculty member or online at the central location. Students are expected to enroll in all courses offered at the site for a particular semester but are not obligated to enroll in every semester; summer, fall and spring offerings are available.  Transportation matters are the decision of the school system in consultation with APSU.

Either option allows students to jumpstart their college education at a savings of more than 50 percent of regular college tuition.

There is currently a collaborative taking place among Robertson County's high school students at the Highland Crest campus, among Dickson County's high school students at the Bibb-White Bluff Civic Center, and among Cheatham County's high school students at the Workforce Essentials building.


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More Information

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