Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have questions about dual enrollment, forms, procedures, etc. We have created this list of FAQs which answers the most common questions; however, we are always available to help so please contact us if you need any assistance: (931) 221-7175 or


What is dual enrollment? Joint enrollment?

Dual enrollment allows you to enroll in college courses and receive BOTH high school and college credit for that course. With joint enrollment you receive ONLY college credit for the course. Throughout this website, we will use term "dual enrollment" to refer to both.


In order to participate in either enrollment program at Austin Peay, you must meet the following APSU admissions requirements:

    • Complete your sophomore year of high school.
    • Maintain a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (high school cumulative GPA).
    • Submit official test scores. Only official scores from ACT/SAT or your transcript please; we cannot accept student reports.
    • Be recommended by your high school principal or school counselor.
    • Have your parent's permission to enter the program.
  • Offical Test Scores ACT SAT PLAN PSAT Aspire Accuplacer*
    English Minium Subscores 19 490 19 25 434 93
    Math Minium Subscore 19 500 19 24.5 431 93
    NOTE: Apart from these admission requirements, specific courses may have additional subscore requirements. For example, English and history courses also require similar subscores in reading, and higher level math courses typically require high math subscores.

We must have ACT, SAT, or other approved scores to process your admission. If you are not able to register for one of the national exams, you may take the Accuplacer placement test, which is free.  For more information about scheduling or test preparation, click here


The ACT-Residual is also used by APSU to meet admissions requirements and is given at designated times throughout the year. This test is for Austin Peay only. Results cannot be transferred to another school. Cost is $50. For more information, click here

A photo ID is required for testing, and you must also have applied for admission and provide your A-number.
If you do not have a photo ID, you should complete one of the following forms and bring the completed document with you when you arrive for testing:
Student ID Form - Accuplacer (free)
Student ID Form - ACT Residual


Most classes are available to you, although we recommend that you consider classes that fulfill core requirements. When enrolling for dual credit, work with your school counselor to confirm that the classes will fulfill high school requirements or electives. Also, look carefully at any prerequisites noted for a specific course - some courses require higher ACT subscores or prior coursework.

You may enroll in 1000- or 2000-level courses but should meet any course prerequisites. To enroll in upper division courses, you will need to meet the course prerequisites and obtain department chair permission.


You must have a minimum ACT subscore of 19 in reading to qualify for the APSU English classes.

If you are planning to enroll after your high school graduation at APSU as a degree-seeking student, you can receive English credit based on ACT/SAT scores.

If you have a valid ACT English score of 28 – 30 (SAT/SAT1 verbal/critical reading 630-690), you will receive credit for English 1010.

Those with a valid ACT English score of 31 – 36 (SAT/SAT1 verbal/critical reading 700 – 800) will receive credit for English 1010 and 1020. You will receive this credit only if you have not already received college credit for English 1010 and 1020.

 APSU has no limits on the number of classes you can take – but your high school may set specific requirements. Be sure to check with your school counselor.


Yes. Once you complete your sophomore year, you can take classes each semester, including summer terms.


Yes, but online classes might not be your first choice. Ask yourself these important questions before you enroll in an online class:

  • Am I disciplined enough to check my classes frequently throughout the semester (at least three times a week)?
  • Can I work independently?
  • Do I have access to a high speed Internet connection?

Also, you will want to talk with your school counselor about taking an online class; some schools have restrictions or other requirements for these classes.

 Yes. However, the Austin Peay Center @ Fort Campbell operates on a different academic calendar, so be sure to check that those classes still fit into your high school schedule. To get more information about the Center, go to or contact the Dual Enrollment office.


Typically, a cohort is a class held off campus and designed for a specific student group. For dual enrollment, these classes have the following characteristics:

  • The instructor may be a member of your high school faculty who meets the requirements set by APSU's academic department overseeing the course, including teaching credentials, syllabus and textbooks.
  • The class usually meets at the high school during the regular school day or sometimes at another designated location and time.
  • Students are high school students only and are sometimes a combination of those taking the class for dual credit and those taking it for high school credit only. Classes also may be composed of students from one high school or sometimes draw from several schools in the system.

 The qualifications are the same (3.0 GPA, 19 ACT English and Math subscores, etc.) The application and admissions process is also the same; however, we usually offer additional assistance in coordinating your admission and registration as a group. Depending on the courses, other prerequisites may be required; for example students taking APSU history or English courses must also have an ACT reading subscore of 19.

 The CMCSS Middle College at APSU is different from the dual enrollment program at APSU in that their students leave their current high school and complete both college classes and high school classes on the APSU campus. Admissions to the Middle College at APSU is by application only and is limited to students who are currently attending a CMCSS high school. More information is found at the Clarksville Montgomery County School System website, including contact information.

 You must complete the following application items:

  • Application for Admission - this creates your record in our system. No processing will be done on any of your paperwork, regardless of what you have submitted, until this online application is submitted.

  • Student Authorization page

  • Parent Authorization page

  • Official test scores - the Admissions Office must receive official results directly from ACT/SAT or from the high school transcript provided by your high school counselor. We cannot accept a student copy. (Other tests are accepted see Program Requirements page.

  • Official high school transcript - ask your high school counselor to submit an official and current transcript. The transcript must be the most recent prior to your term of dual enrollment. For example, if you are taking a dual enrollment course in the spring semester, we must have your final fall semester high school transcript as soon as it is available.

  • Forms for any applicable discounts you are eligible for.

  • Certificate of immunization - all students enrolled in 6 or more credit on-campus hours per semester are required to show proof of MMR and varicella (chickenpox) vaccinations or immunity. Home schooled students must submit complete immunization records.

Remember to check that all forms are filled in completely, include all required signatures and are submitted by the requested deadlines! You may check deadlines on APSU’s academic calendar. ALL forms should be sent first to the Dual Enrollment Office where we will review and verify for accuracy before sending them on to the appropriate department.

*Although the official application for the fall semester is in late July, we request that all dual/joint students complete the application documents by no later than April 15. Attempting to handle applications during the summer break is extremely problematic, causing multiple delays just prior to the start of the semester.

 Our preference is that you scan and email paper documents directly to the Dual Enrollment Office at In some cases, you will submit forms to your high school counselor, who will forward them to Austin Peay. Office staff will log everything as it is received and see that it is delivered to the appropriate campus location in a timely manner.

We have developed a tutorial to walk you through your initial application. 

Please provide your social security number; the business office will issue a Form 1098 in January. Without this on file, a hold will appear on your account.

Instructions for AP Self Service can be found online at

You also may contact the Admissions Office, or (931) 221-7661, or the Dual Enrollment office with any questions: 931-221-7175 or


The application fee for dual or joint enrollment is waived. However, you must select the “Joint, Dual or Early Admit” application type in order to get the fee waived.

If you later apply for admission to APSU as a freshman, you will be required to pay an application fee at that time.


You will receive notification from the Admissions Office indicating your admissions status and your new APSU Student "A-number". Please allow anywhere from two to four weeks for processing. This letter also will tell you if there is any additional information still required for your file. Please submit anything requested as soon as possible to prevent delays in your enrollment.

You also will be contacted by the Dual Enrollment Office with specific instructions to register for class and any other next steps.

For the 2017-18 academic year, dual enrolled students will be charged a rate of $166 per credit hour, up to 12 credit hours per semester (this excludes Middle College). After 12 credit hours per semester, the tuition rate is $33 per credit hour. 


In addition to the reduced tuition rate, dual enrolled students have two financial aid options - all are handled through the Dual Enrollment Office (NOT Financial Aid). Please do not submit a FAFSA for dual or joint enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Grant funding  
The application is online only and can be found here

APSU Deadlines for grant applications are (NO exceptions!):
Fall semesters:         August 15
Spring semesters:    January 15
Summer semesters: May 15

We encourage you to submit applications for all terms in an academic year at one time, prior to the fall deadline.

If a student receives the DEG for courses five through eight (up to $1,200), funds received will be deducted from his/her HOPE scholarship during the first semester of his/her freshman year.

NOTE: Students do not receive official notification from the grant program after submitting the online application. If you are eligible, have applied for the grant and are admitted and registered for class - you will receive the grant money. APSU verifies grant applications after all students are registered for class and all other requested information is received and on file in the Dual Enrollment Office. Students receive an email notification when the grant has been applied and accounts updated.

You must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 in your college credits to receive the Dual Enrollment Grant in subsequent semesters. If you decide to drop a class, the scholarship will not be affected if you do so within 14 days of the semester start. If your college GPA falls below 2.75, you will not be eligible to receive dual enrollment funds in the future. This will not, however, affect your eligibility for Hope Scholarship funds once you graduate from high school.

 Dual enrollment classes will not be included in determining eligibility for the Tennessee Hope Scholarship. You remain qualified to receive the Hope Scholarship upon graduation from high school. Even though you have taken these dual enrollment classes during high school, you will be classified as a first-time freshman for financial aid purposes after high school graduation.

 Yes. However, recent sophomores must provide proof that they are already classified as a junior. In addition, if the student has already used the maximum grant for the academic year ($1,200), she/he cannot receive additional grant money in the summer semester.


Notify the Dual Enrollment Office with your course selection each semester, using the Advising and Registration form. After review of your course selections, you will be cleared to register, and receive an email notification with instructions. You will then proceed with your registration using AP OneStop. The AP OneStop link is found on the main page of at the bottom right of the page. The following links are an excellent resource for registration information, including helpful screen shots: 

If it’s an online class, please review the online orientation at Look for “Online Orientation” in the navigation bar on the left side of the Web page. Also helpful is the video at

Please note there is a late registration fee of $50 if registration and fee payment occur during the “late registration” period on the official academic calendar. 

Remember, you are NOT enrolled until ALL admissions and registration paperwork is complete and you have paid your fees!


 The PIN number is a six-digit number composed of the month, day and year of your birth. Upon signing into AP Self Service for the first time, you will be prompted to change your PIN to a six-digit number that only you will know. You will use it in combination with your student ID number when using AP Self Service to register and pay fees.


This is a number in the registration system that specifically identifies the particular section of a course for which you wish to register. CRNs can be found in the class schedule at AP Web Self Service.

CRNs for cohort group classes will not appear in the course schedule to prevent other students from registering in that class; APSU representatives will provide the CRN for those cases.

 If the class for which you want to register shows as full, you may contact the instructor to see about getting permission to register. He/she will need to submit an override form to allow you into the class if there are additional spaces available. If the class is online, you may wish to contact the Dual Enrollment Office, they will assist you with contacting the instructor.


Once you have registered for your classes, you can see your total fees at AP Web Self Service in “Student Account” (see directions below).

Dual enrollment students should pay any balance due when they receive notification that their account is updated with grant funding. Unpaid balances prevent you from registering in subsequent semesters and from requesting official transcripts, etc. 

You can pay three ways:
A. Pay online using a credit card through OneStop at
    1. Click on “Enter secure area” and enter your User ID and PIN; 
    2. Click on “Student, Financial Aid, VA and Housing”; 
    3. Click on “Student Account”; 
    4. Click on “Account Detail for Term/Confirm Enrollment/Credit Card Payment”; 
    5. Select the term from the drop-down menu; 
    6. Select “pay now.”
B. Or, pay in person – come to the Business Office in the Browning Administration Building on campus.
C. Or, pay by mail – mail your check or credit card information to
    APSU Business Office
    P.O. Box 4635
    Clarksville, TN 37044


Students living in the Kentucky counties of Allen, Calloway, Christian, Logan, Todd or Trigg are not charged out-of-state tuition. If you are not within an easy driving distance to APSU for campus classes, you have the option to take online classes for dual credit.

If you are a non-citizen from outside the United States, you will be required to pay the out-of-state rate.


A military discount is available only if you take classes at the APSU Center @ Fort Campbell (level 1000 through 2000 courses only). The dual enrollment tuition rate is actually a better value and is not restricted to 1000 and 2000 level courses.

Please note, when filling out your application for admission, you must complete both sections 15 (residency) and 22 (active duty/veterans/family members) of the application in order for your account to be coded correctly and the discount applied.

 Go to APSU Bookstore’s web site - look for the link to search for textbooks. Select the term of your enrollment and continue to follow the prompts to input your course name, course number and section number to get a list of books for your class(es).


You are responsible for purchasing the necessary textbook(s) for your classes. You may purchase them at the APSU Bookstore located in the Catherine Harvill building in the center of campus, online or with another vendor in town or other online source.

Remember, it is necessary to have the course name, number and section with you when you make inquiries and purchases at the APSU Bookstore or at another Clarksville vendor.

 You are responsible for your own transportation to and from class. When you schedule your dual enrollment class, make sure to account for the time required to be at class on time, including time to locate a parking place and walk to class.

 A parking decal is required when you attend class on APSU's main campus. The cost of the decal is included in your campus fees (which are waived for dual enrollment students); instructions on obtaining a decal and other information can be found at 

To see designated parking locations, go to for an interactive campus map and a printable parking map.


1.  Always read through everything carefully and follow the instructions provided.
2.  Double-check all forms for completion - incomplete forms are returned, causing delays.
3.  Remember to get all required signatures - including your own - on all documents.
4.  Pay attention to deadlines, and submit everything as early as possible.
5.  Be sure we have current phone numbers and working e-mail addresses for the student and parents.
6.  Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions: 931-221-7175 or

Please be patient. There are a number of steps - but if you complete and submit everything before deadlines, you will be taking college classes very soon!


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