Dual Enrollment Grants & Scholarships Policies & Eligibility
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Dual Enrollment Grants & Scholarships
Policies & Eligibility 





APSU Dual Enrollment 
Box 4428
Clarksville, TN 37044

 govnow@apsu.edu  APSU Main Campus 
Claxton building 
Room #302



  • The student must maintain a GPA of 2.75 in their college classes to continue receiving the grant in subsequent high school semesters.

  • The student must be a resident of Tennessee for at least one year.

  • If you are taking courses at both APSU and NSCC during the same semester, you must name APSU as your home school on the DEG application so that funding can be applied correctly.

  • If you are taking courses at APSU and an institution other than NSCC, please contact the Dual Enrollment office for further instructions.  

If you have previously taken a dual/joint enrollment course at another institution, an official transcript or grade report from that institution is necessary so that we may verify your continued eligibility for the DEG. Your account will not be updated until that report or transcript is received. Processing of DEG funding must be handled by only one institution.

If you are currently registered for another dual enrollment course with another institution, please notify the APSU Dual Enrollment office as soon as possible; you must review and agree to the terms of the consortium agreement (see below).

Grant monies for up to two courses per semester will be posted to the student’s APSU account. If another institution is the homeschool, please request a consortium agreement from that institution be sent to govnow@apsu.edu. It is the student’s responsibility to pay bills by published deadlines at each institution.


The student is enrolled at Austin Peay State University (Home school) as a dual enrollment student and will also attend the Host school as a dual enrollment student. APSU will award, disburse, and assure that the student is in compliance with policies and procedures. The Host school will verify enrollment, number of credit hours enrolled, and any changes in dual enrollment status. The Host school will not award Dual Enrollment Grant funds to this student. 

  • I must be enrolled and accepted for admission as a dual enrollment student at APSU and the host institution, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • I authorize the release of information to and by the Home and Host schools as needed to determine grant eligibility. This information might include GPA, course schedule, transcripts, account information and other information needed to determine eligibility.
  • I will be responsible for any refunds or repayments that might be required if I drop or withdraw from class.
  • I must abide by any policies and procedures regarding financial aid and/or Consortium Agreement policies and procedures at APSU and the Host school.
  • I understand that Dual Enrollment Grant funds will be disbursed directly to my Home school according to all Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Program guidelines. 
  • it is my responsibility to pay all remaining charges due the Home and Host schools.

By submitting the student authorization form, the student agrees to the terms and conditions of this Consortium Agreement and states that, to the best of their knowledge, all information contained therein is accurate. The student understands that failure to comply with any of the conditions of this agreement could result in the agreement being canceled.


If your parent/guardian is a state of Tennessee employee, a certified public school teacher in Tennessee or an employee of a UT or TBR system institution, you may receive a discount on your tuition and/or fees.

In order to receive the discount, your parent must complete and submit the appropriate form each semester immediately following your registration. Please submit as soon as possible so any discounts and grants can be posted to your student account before you pay your fees.

Forms for each type of employment discount are different. Please go to http://www.apsu.edu/bursar/discounts to select the appropriate form, then submit to govnow@apsu.edu.