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Class Registration is the next step in the process...

After you are admitted as an APSU dual enrollment student, 
we will provide guidance so you can register online in One-Stop.
  • Work closely with your high school counselor regarding your high school schedule. Some classes are more than the typical three (3) credit hours and require additional class time versus the traditional Mon/Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs schedules. If your dual enrollment class is held at your high school, that will be part of your regular high school schedule.
  • You must notify the Dual Enrollment office identifying the course(s) you intend to take using the Advising and Registration form (see below). 
  • If you are considering an APSU online course, we encourage you to review some key information about online courses.
You should also monitor your APSU email account for official University notifications.
Select only one term.

As a dual enrollment student, you are automatically confirmed when you register for class. This prevents your registration from being dropped until your dual enrollment grant funding has been applied.

  • Dual Enrollment Course List: This list provides details on how APSU courses match up with Tennessee high school graduation requirements. Students are not restricted to courses on this list; please contact the Dual Enrollment office if you are interested in other courses.
  • Most students prefer to take courses which fulfill general education core requirements. To help with your course selection, this partial list of APSU core class options is provided, compiled in consultation with the APSU dual enrollment committee which includes CMCSS representatives. Dual enrollment students are not restricted to the courses on this list, but must meet any course prerequisites. If you are interested in upper division courses, you will need to meet the course prerequisites and obtain department chair permission.
  • The APSU Department of Mathematics has developed a list of math courses for dual/joint students which includes prerequisites and other pertinent details. Our office consults with the math department when advising students. Click here for additional information about math courses for the general education core.

  • If you are considering a career in nursing, APSU has an oustanding nursing program. Click here for a list of courses required for the pre-nursing curriculum - many of these courses would be excellent options for your dual enrollment credits.

  • Search APSU's Bulletin for current course details, prerequisites, etc. You can also search by course name and number.

  • In some cases, your AP (Advanced Placement) scores can be used towards course prerequisites. However, we must have those official scores directly from Advanced Placement/College Board. Please ensure that you have requested those scores be sent to Austin Peay. Keep in mind that because those scores are not usually available until mid-July, it may delay your course registration for fall semester.
  • Sometimes you will find a "hold" on your account preventing you from registering. To avoid this, please ensure that all health forms are submitted, your social security number is on file in the business office and your balance from prior semesters is paid in full.
  • The Office of the Registrar provides "Instructions for Registering Online". You may register only if you have been admitted and received notification that you are cleared to register.

  • Log into AP Self Service. and select "Class Schedule" to review your options. Select the term or semester, then choose a subject area and other details. To see online classes in the class schedule section, choose a subject and select "WEB-Asynchronous" from the instructional method drop-down box.
  • Sections labeled with an "E" are not suitable for dual enrollment students. Sections labeled with an "H" are designed only for degree-seeking students accepted into APSU's Honors Program.

  • Many online classes are also available, but you should work with your counselor to determine if the demands of an online class are a good fit for you. These are labeled in the class schedule by a section number that begins with a "W".

  • Day of the week abbreviations in the schedule are:
    M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday.
  • Some classes fill quickly. If you complete the admissions process without delay you are more likely to have a better selection of course options that work with your schedule

For more information about Dual Enrollment at APSU, contact

APSU Dual Enrollment


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