APSU Math Courses for Dual Enrollment Students
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APSU Math Courses for Dual Enrolled Students

If you are a dual enrollment student planning to register for a math course at APSU, please review the information below to help determine which math course best fits your needs. Math courses page 1

math courses section 2

Click here for additional information about math courses for the general education core. 

For exceptional students, other courses may be available with permission of the high school counselor and APSU mathematics faculty. Contact the APSU Mathematics Department Chair for more information.

High school counselors may contact the APSU Mathematics Department Chair to make arrangements for administration of the online APSU mathematics placement test. There may be a nominal fee for the placement test.

Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the advanced placement courses offered at their high schools.

The University reserves the right to revise these guidelines at any time.