Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Questions

Where should I send my documents?
Please submit all electronic documents through the Document Upload Portal.

Any paper documents can be mailed to:
Austin Peay State University
Office of Graduate Admissions
PO Box 4458
Clarksville, TN 37044

*All official documents must be received by the Office of Graduate Admissions from the issuing institution.

**The English Department requires its applicants to submit a second copy of all admissions materials to the Graduate Coordinator at

How can I upload documents required for admission?
Instructions for the document upload process can be found on the Document Upload page.

When is the application deadline?
Application deadlines vary by term and program. You can find an up-to-date list of application deadlines on the Application Deadlines page.

Can I start my program without turning in one of the required documents?
The Office of Graduate Admissions must receive all required documents before an admission decision can be made.

Can I be conditionally admitted?
The College of Graduate Studies allows applicants to be conditionally admitted pending official copies of items for which an unoffical copy was submitted. This most often applies to test scores and college transcripts.

Who should my letters of recommendation come from?
Letters of recommendation are preferred from your professors, however if you are unable to attain letters of recommendation from your former professors, professional references will be accepted (e.g. supervisors, managers, employers).  All letters of recommendation must be signed by the recommender.

When do I have to fill out an application for readmission?
Any student who has not attended Austin Peay State University for one calendar year or more needs to apply for readmission. The application for readmission can be found on the Apply for Graduate Admission portal.

*There is no fee required for an application for readmission.

When will I be able to review my application status?
You will be able to review your application status once your application for admission has been processed. It can take 3-5 business days for our office to receive your application once you submit it. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing once we receive your application.

How can I check my application status?
Instructions for reviewing your application status can be found on the Check My Application Status page.

How can I move my application to a different term?
If your application is less than one year old, you can move it to a new term using the Admissions Application Update form. If your application is more than a year old, please complete a new Application for Graduate Admission.

New Student Questions

Who should I contact for . . .

It says I’m out-of-state, but I should be in-state?
Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at to resolve this issue.

Current Student Questions

If I sit out a semester, what do I need to do to register for classes again?
If you have taken classes within the past calendar year, you will need to contact your academic advisor for advising and register for classes using OneStop.

If you haven't taken classes in more than one calendar year, please submit and Application for Readmission.

Where do I turn in my Program of Study?
Your department will submit the Program of Study form electronically to the Office of the Registrar.

How do I change my Program of Study?
After consultation with your academic advisor, complete a Change of Program of Study form.

How do I add or drop a class?
You can add or drop a class on OneStop. For help with this, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

I missed registration, how do I add a class late?
You can add a class late using the Late Add page on OneStop. For help with this, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

How do I change my concentration within my current program?
Contact the graduate coordinator of your program and complete a Change of Program of Study form.

How many “Ws” can I have?
A student who receive 4 Ws will be placed on Academic Probation. If a 5th W is received, he/she will be suspended for one academic semester. More information on this policy can be found in the current Graduate Bulletin (linked in the menu above).

How should my thesis/field study be formatted?
Please follow the most recent Thesis Preparation Guidelines when preparing your document for binding. These instructions can be found on the Graduate Student Forms page under "Thesis Guidelines."

My thesis/field study is ready for binding. What do I do now?
Please follow the most recent Thesis Binding Instructions. These can be found on the Graduate Student Forms page under "Thesis Guidelines."

GA Questions

Do I report for work if the University closes?
When the University is closed due to inclement weather or natural disaster, Graduate Assistants who are scheduled to work during the declared times of closing will be granted time off from work with pay and not required to fulfill any missed hours.

What is my Banner/A Number?
Your Banner number is your Student ID number. The number begins with the capital letter “A” followed by a series of 8 numbers, and it can be located on your OneStop through Web Self Service under personal information. It is important to always know your Banner Number!

Who is the Graduate Advisor and/or Coordinator of my graduate program?
Your graduate academic advisor is assigned through your department of study. You must be advised by your Graduate Advisor or Coordinator before you can register for your graduate courses. Your Graduate Advisor or Coordinator can answer all of your questions related to specific details about your coursework and departmental requirements. Your graduate advisor can be located through Web Self Service on OneStop under Student – Registration. Seek their assistance; they are willing and able to serve you during your studies.

How do I receive a Govs ID Card?
To receive a Govs ID Card you must be currently registered for classes. You must show a picture ID such as a driver’s license or passport. ID cards can be obtained through the Facilities Office in the Morgan University Center.

What can I do with my Govs ID Card once I receive it?
The Gov’s ID card is your lifeline to campus life. Your card allows you to buy a meal plan, purchase food at any food venue in the Morgan University Center (UC), check out items in the library, and access facilities after hours (with special permission). You can add money to your card (called Govs Bucks) and spend it in the bookstore, vending machines, or any Food Service location. A new feature with the Govs Card is the ability to link your card with US Bank to use it as a debit card.

Where do I park on campus?
Student parking decals are available at Public Safety/Campus Police located in the Shasteen Building. When applying for a decal, you must register your car through OneStop. Once you have registered, you must go to the Shasteen building and present your current APSU ID and your A number. Parking fees are paid with student fees that are included in your tuition. GAs are not given a special parking decal.

Does the GA scholarship cover my textbooks?
Currently there are no monetary provisions to assist GAs with purchasing textbooks.