Available Graduate Assistant Positions
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Available Graduate Assistant Positions

Multiple graduate assistantships are offered at Austin Peay State University.  Please view the availabe assistantships for more information, and follow the instructions for submitting your application.  The priority deadline for the Fall semester is April 1, and the priority deadline for the Spring semester is November 1.

Steps for Applying

  1. Complete a separate online application or paper application for each department/area to which you would like to apply.
  2. Submit your resume and recommendation form to all of the departments/areas you are applying to.
  3. Email the point of contact of the department/area you are applying to ensure that your application was received.

All returning Graduate Assistants must re-apply for their positions each new academic year.

Academic Units

Student Success in Academic Affairs
Contact Person:  Ms. Bonnie Hodge
Email address: HodgeB@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

Biology - Plant Population Genetics
Contact Person:  Dr. Carol Baskauf
Email address: baskaufc@apsu.edu
Job description:  Plant Population Genetics

Contact Person:  Dr. Rebecca Johansen
Email address: johansenr@apsu.edu
Job description:  Biology

College of Business
Contact Person:  Dr. Susan Cockrell
Email address:  cockrells@apsu.edu
Job description: No openings

Contact Person:  Dr. Robert Baron
Email address:  baronr@apsu.edu
Job description:  Communication

Comp. Science and Information Tech.
Contact Person:  Ms. Betty Leimer
Email address:  leimerb@apsu.edu
Job description:  CSIT
Now accepting applications for Fall II, to begin 10/24/18. 
Indicate Fall II when emailing resume and recommendation.

College of Education
Contact Person:  Dr. Benita Bruster
Email address:  brusterb@apsu.edu
Job description: College of Education

College of Graduate Studies
Contact Person:  Ms. Karen Runyon
Email address:  runyonk@apsu.edu
Job description: No positions available for Spring 2019

Engineering Technology
Contact Person:  Ms. Jamie Gaither
Email address:  gaitherj@apsu.edu
Job description:  Engineering Technology
Now accepting applications for Fall-B, to begin 10/24/18. 
Indicate Fall-B when emailing resume and recommendation.

Health and Human Performance
Contact Person:  Dr. Tim Leszczak
Email address:  leszczakt@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

History and Philosophy
Contact Person:  Dr. David Snyder
Email address:  snyderdr@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

Languages and Literature
Contact Person:  Dr. Mercy Cannon
Email address:  cannonm@apsu.edu
Job description:   Language and Literature

Mathematics and Statistics
Contact Person:  Dr. Matt Jones
Email address: jonesmatt@apsu.edu
Job description:  Not accepting applications

Contact Person:  Dr. Korre Foster
Email address:  fosterk@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

School of Nursing
Contact Person:  Dr. Michelle Robertson
Email address:  robertsonm@apsu.edu
Job description:  Nursing

Psychological Science and Counseling
Contact Person:  Dr. Nicole Knickmeyer
Email address:  knickmeyern@apsu.edu 
Job description:  Psych Science & Counseling

Social Work
Contact Person:  Mary Fran Davis
Email address:  davism@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings


Service Units

Academic Affairs
Contact Person:  Ms. Lisa Phelps
Email address:  phelpsl@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

Academic Support Center
Contact Person:  Mr. Martin Golson
Email address:  golsonm@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

African American Cultural Center
Contact Person:  Mr. Marcelius Braxton
Email address:  braxtonm@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

Adult, Non-Traditional, & Transfer Student Ctr.
Contact Person:  Mr. Victor Felts
Email address: feltsv@apsu.edu
Job description:  Not accepting applications for Spring 2019.

Center for Teaching and Learning
Contact Person:  Ms. Barbara Lejeune
Email address:  lejeuneb@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

Student Counseling Services
Contact Person:  Ms. Teresa Prendes-Walls
Email address:  prendeswallst@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

Dual Enrollment
Contact Person:  Samantha Mallory
Email address:  mallorys@apsu.edu
Job description: Dual Enrollment GTA

Health Services
Contact Person:  Jill deGraauw
Email address:  degraauwj@apsu.edu
Job description: No openings

Hispanic Cultural Center
Contact Person:  Ms. Louise Mitchell
Email address:  mitchelll@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
Contact Person:  Ms. Jeana McCullough
Email address:  mcculloughj@apsu.edu
Job description: Inst Effect & Assess

Military Student Center
Contact Person:  Ms. Jasmin Linares
Email address:  linaresj@apsu.edu
Job description:  Not accepting applications for Spring 2019.

Student Research and Innovation
Contact Person:  Dr. Raj Dakshinamurthy
Email address:  osri@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

Student Financial Aid and VA
Contact Person:  Ms. Donna Price
Email address:  priced@apsu.edu
Job description:  No openings

 Student Life and Engagement
Contact Person:  Mr. Victor Felts
Email address:  feltsv@apsu.edu
Job description:  Not accepting applications for Spring 2019.