Accelerated Masters Pathways (AMP)
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Accelerated Master's Pathways (AMP)

General Description

For highly motivated students, APSU offers Accelerated Master’s Pathways (AMP) enabling students to enroll in graduate courses while completing the undergraduate degree requirements. Qualified students (see below*) may enroll in no more than 12 graduate level credits while completing an undergraduate degree. The graduate credits will replace relevant undergraduate course requirements within a major for graduation and any graduate credits earned will count toward the graduation requirements for a graduate degree. Typically, the student’s undergraduate major and the graduate courses are within the same department/discipline. Student qualifications to pursue an accelerated master’s pathway are determined by each academic department. In general, participating students should be considered exceptional academic performers (≥3.5 GPA) with a consistent history of academic excellence.

General Student Qualifications*

In general, qualified students have earned a 3.5 GPA or higher within their major and only first-attempted class grades count toward this metric (repeated courses do not count). Additionally, students must have completed minimally 90 credits and students must be approved by the Department Chair and/or Graduate Coordinator to be permitted into graduate classes; each department may have different standards and decision-windows for this process. Students participating in the Accelerated Master’s Pathways are not applying to APSU’s Graduate College and therefore, these students are not considered graduate students. However, once graduated with a bachelor’s degree, or once receiving approval of confirmation for graduation from APSU’s Office of Registrar, students may apply for graduate admission following the normal process for admission set by the selected graduate program.

General Regulations

The following are general regulations that apply to students participating in the Accelerated Master’s Pathways (AMP).

Procedure for joining APSU’s Accelerated Master’s Pathways

Complete the Accelerated Master’s Pathways Application and present the form to the student advisor or department chair.

Please be aware of the following: