Nursing Education Certificate
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Nursing Education Certificate

The School of Nursing offers a Post-Master’s Nursing Education certificate.  The program is designed for individuals who have already earned a MSN degree and who are interested in teaching as a faculty member in a pre-licensure program, providing continuing education for clinical staff, or providing patient education.

The didactic content is completely online and will prepare the student in curricular design, educational theory, and evaluation methods. 

Students will select a clinical focus and will be required to complete practicum hours for the chosen clinical focus.  Clinical hours are also required for the nursing education practicum and will be completed in higher education or staff/development/education setting.

The program is flexible to meet the needs of practicing nurses.

Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Michelle Robertson
MSN School of Nursing Website:

Admission Requirements

Students who have received a M.S.N. are eligible to apply for a Post-Master’s Certificate. Post-Masters Certificates are available in Family Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Administration, and Nursing Education. A post-master’s applicant must have a minimum of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in the Master’s degree. The Bachelor’s degree GPA will also be considered. Post Master’s students choosing the FNP option will be required to provide proof of completion of Advanced Pathophysiology (3 credit hours), Advanced Pharmacology (3 credit hours), and Advanced Physical Assessment (3/1 credit hours). If the student has not successfully completed the required courses, or the courses taken are not comparable to those required by the MSN program at APSU, the student will be required to complete those before beginning the clinical components of the curriculum.