Alpha Omicron Pi
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Alpha Omicron Pi

At AOII, our mission is to promote lifelong friendship, inspire academic excellence, to lead by example, and to serve our campus and surrounding communities. The values on which AOII was founded help lead us in the decisions we make and the behaviors we exhibit in our daily lives. The object of our Fraternity, written by our Founders in 1897, inspires us to stand at all times for character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty. These values enable us to go with character and confidence into the world around us, assured in knowing that AOII is ours, offering friendships and opportunities throughout our lifetime.  

Nickname: AOII, Alpha O
Symbols: Sheaf of Wheat, Panda, Ruby, and the Jacqueminot Rose
Colors: Cardinal
Philanthropy: International philanthropy: The Arthritis Foundation/Arthritis Research and Education Local philanthropy: Sisters for Soldiers
Chapter: Pi Omicron 
Founded Nationally: January 2, 1897 
Founded Locally: November 23, 2014
Philanthropy: Arthritis research/Juvenile Arthritis

Alpha Omicron Pi's Contact: Katee Byrd
Alpha Omicron Pi’s National Web Page
Alpha Omicron Pi’s Local Web Page