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  Welcome to Boyd Health ServicesTriage photo

Mission: The mission of Boyd Health Services is to ensure the delivery of high quality holistic health care that is accessible, affordable, and that emphasizes and promotes healthy lifestyles and behaviors that lead to lifelong wellness for the APSU community.

Our staff includes nurse practitioners, physicians, medical assistants, a pharmacist, medical office personnel, and graduate assistants that assist with health promotion programming. We offer primary and preventive care, acute illness and injury care, family planning/contraception visits, STD screening and treatment, limited management of chronic conditions, treatment of mental illnesses, employment/sports physicals, medication refills, immunizations, laboratory testing, allergy injections and health education programs.

Patients seeking health care outside of Boyd Health Service's hours of operation or when providers are fully booked may consider seeking care at off-campus facilities in the nearby community, such as those listed below. ***Patients seeking care at these facilities will be responsible for any costs incurred at off-campus health care facilities.


If you are under 18 years of age and wish to be seen as a patient in APSU Health Services you must have a Consent to Treat form and hepatitis/meningitis form filled out and signed by your parent/guardian.