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Welcome to My Homepage!

Hello, my name is  Mason   Brock  and I am currently a graduate student working with Dr. Estes at APSU. I am also an assistant at the herbarium, and my day-to-day activities involve processing, databasing, and creating new herbarium specimens. Much of my time is spent between field work and herbarium study, both of which I enjoy greatly. I have been studying botany as an amateur for many years now, and I feel honored that APSU has given me the opportunity and resources to further pursue my botanical research. 

My primary interest is finding rare plant species and communities, particularly in the limestone outcrop and barrens communities of the Interior Low Plateau. My current graduate project is a survey and comparison of riverscour habitats in the Caney Fork of the Cumberland River, in which I have found numerous species that are endangered or threatened in Tennessee. I am also drawn to complex and problematic genera such as Crataegus and Silphium.

I received my Bachelor's Degree from Eastern Kentucky University in 2012. My high school and hometown is Paris, Kentucky. 

Feel free to contact me at  mbrock2@my.apsu.edu