Speakers and Presenters
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Keynote Speaker

Reed Noss Ph.D. (University of Central Florida)

"Natural history, ecology, and evolution can tell us how to protect, restore, and manage our grasslands"

Invited Speakers (Oral Presentations)

Black Belt Prairies: Biodiversity, Ecology and Restoration

"Managing the 'Middle Ground' – Pyne’s 'fire-catalyzed patches' in Kentucky."

"Using native plants to create backyard prairies and urban grasslands"

“Overview of Shortleaf Pine savannas and woodlands of the Mid-South”

"The Pennyroyal Region: New Hope for a Lost World" 

"Against the tide, frontier conservation"

"The underutilized role of volunteers in grassland conservation and restoration"

"Cultural History and Summary of Research on the Barrens at Fort Campbell Military Reservation, Kentucky and Tennessee."

"Observations by early settlers provides evidence of grasslands on the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau"

"Introduction to the Grasslands of the Mid-South"

“Lessons for canebrake restoration from historical accounts and from disturbance ecology experiments”

"Status and restoration potential of xerohydric flatwoods/grasslands of central and western Kentucky" 

"An Overview of Naturally Occurring Grasslands in the Interior Low Plateaus of Indiana" 

“Restoration of grasslands on working landscapes: pieces, parts, and process”

"The rarest plants in Kentucky’s glades, barrens and prairies: current status and conversation measures."

Iowa's interstate prairies, leading the nation in restoration of grasslands along transportation corridors"

"Restoration of prairie wetlands"

"The Central Hardwoods Joint Venture Glade Conservation Assessment and Glade Inventory"

Kankakee Sands, the marvels and mistakes of a restoration 19 years in the making

“Kankakee Sands, the marvels and mistakes of a restoration 19 years in the making”

“Restoration of shortleaf pine-oak savanna at  Catoosa Wildlife Management Area on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee"

"Emulating Natural Disturbance Factors: 33 Years of Ecosystem Restoration in Missouri State Parks"

"Diamonds in the coal bin: the importance of small, high-quality remnants to large-scale grassland restoration"

In need of TLC: tried and tested methods of managing and restoring small prairies"

"Kentucky’s Vanishing Grasslands: Significant Remnants Without Conservation Protection."


"Vascular flora and vegetation of riverscour grasslands/glades/shrublands of the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River, Blount Co., Alabama"

               "The Pennyrile Region of KY & TN: new hope for a lost world?"


"A labor of love, Blood, Sweat, and Tears: restoring a chert barrens in southern Indiana"

"Vascular flora and vegetation of riverscour grasslands/shrublands of the Big South Fork River of Tennessee and Kentucky"

"A Comprehensive Spatial Mapping of Missouri Glades."

"Vascular flora and vegetation of riverscour grasslands/glades/shrublands of Daddy's Creek, Cumberland Co., Tennessee"

"After 30 Years of Prescribed Fire Management: Woodland Diversity at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Missouri"