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A Week in the Life of an Honors Student


October 16, 2017


Alas, the week before Fall Break is upon us. Midterms are currently taking the campus population by storm, and if you’re lucky then maybe you’re prepared to fight back! This is actually one of my favorite times during the Fall Semester; the weather is finally getting colder, and Fall Break gives us the chance to momentarily unwind and come back down to earth before we are plunged back into the hurricane that is academia.

Alternative Fall Break trips are options that many students take in order to expand their horizons. This year there are trips to Bowling Green, Louisville, and Gatlinburg. I have yet to go on one, but I almost went camping my Freshman year. A friend of mine went to St. Louis to help underprivileged kids, and she had the time of her life! There she did things such as cook for the kids and help raise money. According to her, she made lifelong friends.

As far as testing goes, I have two tests on Thursday: Chemistry and Calculus. Many of the students were under the impression that our Calculus test was to be the Thursday after Fall Break, but our professor decided that it was a good idea to move it earlier. Although I do relish in the opportunity to procrastinate, I must agree that I would probably perform better on the test before Fall Break. My brain tends to turn to mud over breaks from school, so recalling information (especially math) would be even more difficult. Chemistry may go well for me, but some studying can obviously never hurt.

I wish you all a successful Midterm week, and a satisfying Fall Break! May your grades be high and your stress levels low.


October 10, 2017

So here begins the first entry of this blog. And I guess the first thing to do would be to introduce myself.

I am Jacob Cross, a junior here at Austin Peay. I am majoring in Biology and minoring in Linguistics, with the goal to be a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist eventually.

This blog has several purposes. For one, it is a resource for those who are in or are entering the APSU Honors Program. Here you will find some of the happenings of the Honors Commons or campus events that may or may not have relevance to the Honors Program. This is also a personal blog, as a way for you to get some insight on what the life of a student in the Honors Program is like through my documented experiences.

One thing you will notice in future blog posts is something at the top called Lagniappe.
Lagniappe (LAN-yap) is a creole word that means “a special gift” and this section is where I will be including three tidbits of the week. First is something that I have learned, whether it is an interesting fact from class or a profound thought. Next is a Word of the Week, which is a word that I feel sums up my week. Finally is the Emoji of the Week, which represents the general mood. The Lagniappe section is mostly there to be a quick briefing of the upcoming blog post.

Before sitting down to write this, I compiled a list of all the things I need to accomplish for school this week. Number one was this introductory post. After listing all my assignments and responsibilities of the week, I decided to write some more to the side. I began writing the typical passive-aggressive reminders that we as young adults often hear about responsibility and self care.

I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but I think about these things constantly. How am I supposed to maintain a high GPA, work two retail jobs, eat my fruits and vegetables, exercise every day, cultivate a vibrant social life, do my laundry, have good manners, stay present on social media, talk about my feelings to prevent losing my sanity, listen to my friends’ feelings so they can avoid losing their sanity, avoid caffeine and high fructose corn syrup, brush and floss my teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, wash my face with a good cleanser to keep facial oils at bay (because wow that’s gross), stay organized to keep my life on track, prepare myself for graduate school, keep a positive attitude about life, AND get 8+ hours of sleep per night?

Sometimes when I think about these expectations placed on me, the anxiety starts to compound on itself. I literally become stressed by my stress. It’s at this point that I must remind myself of something even more crucial than those listed above: This is wildly doable.

People have done it before. People still do it! There are people out there who not only have perfect grades, but perfectly straight and pearly white teeth, perfect skin, a perfect body, a perfect relationship, and seemingly a perfect life. All without bags under their eyes. I’ve seen these exact people in the University Center. Maybe we can blame some of that on genetics, but the point is that college life is manageable. Some of us manage it more gracefully than others, and some of us happily live a chaotic life.

 And that, friends, is what this blog is for. To remind you that every person you see around campus is dealing with many of the same things you are. But in the long run, the semester will end and we will finally get to kick back and relax for a hot minute. And in the longer run, we will up with a degree; hopefully one that we can use to follow our dreams. But until then, we just have to keep chugging Starbucks and cramming for that Honors 1010 test.


See you next week!