Honors Program Qualifications
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Honors Program Qualifications & Application Information for Fall 2018

Your application consists of two main parts, both explained below. In Part A, you will provide information to six simple requests. This information should be contained in the body of your email message sent to Honors@apsu.edu. For Part B, you will attach a copy of your résumé and another attachment that contains your Honors Essay. The requirements for each are described below.

The application deadline is May 1, 2018. In the Subject line of your email message, put "APSU Honors Program Application."

Part A.  Applicant Information To Be Provided In The Body Of Your E-Mail Message:

1.  First and last name:

2.  Cell phone number:

3.  E-mail address:

4.  High school (or previous college) GPA:

5.  Composite ACT score:

6.  Austin Peay Student A-number (if known, otherwise leave blank): 


Part B.  Two Attachments: 

  1. Résumé

You must attach a copy of your résumé as either a Microsoft Word or PDF file. Make sure your résumé highlights your academic achievements, including any dual enrollment and advanced placement courses you have completed or are currently taking. It should also include the name and address of your high school (or previous college, if you are transferring to Austin Peay), any work experience you may have, and a list of important extracurricular activities in which you have been involved during your high school or previous college years. 

2. Honors Essay

You must attach a 1-2 page essay as either a Microsoft Word or PDF file in which you discuss your academic plans and goals as a college student. Next, discuss what your purpose is with respect to these plans and goals. To help with this aspect of the essay, focus on what you intend to do with your education as opposed to what you want to be or become. Why do you want to do the things you identify and why do you consider them to be important?