Eriksson Hall
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Eriksson Hall is a Freshman residence hall that opened in Fall of 2013. It includes a bath/shower in each room, high speed Internet plug (per student) and wireless.  Each room includes a TV Outlet, movable desk, chest of drawers and a bunkable bed. There are kitchens and study rooms on each floor and a laundry room on the first floor.  The Terrace dining venue is located in Eriksson.


See floor plan below for room dimensions.

Desk top: 42" x 24"

Dresser top: 36" x 24"

Under Bed: If you raise your bed to the top, there is 30" of space from floor to the bed frame. 


How Do I Get Started?

Applying for Housing is easy! Login to your AP OneStop account and click on the 'Housing' Icon to get started!