Pet Policy and Application
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Pet Policy and Application

Animal Friendly Housing Guidelines-Fall 2018


Starting Fall 2019, we will no longer have pet friendly housing.




The purpose of this guideline is to provide interested students with the guidelines for the Animal Friendly Housing community in Emerald Hill Apartments, Building 12. Students are responsible for following the procedures in order to be considered for approval.   

 Frequently Asked Questions:

The Department of Housing and Residential Life defines “Acceptable Campus Pets” to include: fish, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, mice, turtles, and cats.  Fish must be in a tank/aquarium no larger than 20 gallons.  Cats MUST be litter box trained. Any cat living on campus has to be at least 1 year old.  Reptiles and any poisonous animals are strictly prohibited. 

Non-approved animals are not permitted in any residence halls including Animal Friendly halls.

The designated Animal Friendly hall is Emerald Hill Apartments, building 12. Approved animals are permitted to reside within this community.  Fish (in a tank/aquarium 20 gallons or less) are the only animals permitted outside the designated Animal Friendly hall.

One animal is permitted per bedroom in the designated Animal Friendly Housing area. Residents found with more than the approved amount of animals will be asked to remove the non-approved animal immediately and will be documented for disciplinary action. All animals must be neutered or spayed (if applicable). 

 Rules of Conduct:

Animal Care

If a room has an odor due to an animal, the occupant will be asked by APSU officials to clean the room. Students should expect to clean their room more often than other residential spaces. Students should acknowledge that an animal in a residential space will create more of a mess/scent than it would within a house. We recommend using animal cleaners which may be purchased from local pet stores. Animal checks will be conducted throughout the academic year in order to ensure proper care of animals.  Evidence of neglect, abuse or any improper care may result in referral for disciplinary action and/or removal of the animal.

In the event that the student is unable to care for the animal, the names and contact information for two local emergency contacts must be provided as part of the application process. The pet owner is authorizing housing to release the animal to the care of these individuals in the event of an emergency. If the emergency contacts are not available to claim the animal, Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services staff will contact animal control to pick up the animal.

Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services

Pet Application & Registration

This form must be completed and approved by Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services prior to any pet residing on campus. Once your application and pet registration has been reviewed, you will receive an email regarding approval.

NOTE: Pet Friendly Housing is not available to First time Freshman residents.  


Starting Fall 2019, we will no longer have pet friendly housing.