Graduate Assistanships
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Applications for Graduate Assistantships are available from the Office of Graduate Studies or from the English Graduate Coordinator. This form should be completed well in advance of the next academic year (typically by March 1 if the application is for the Fall semester of the following year).  Members of the English graduate faculty choose their Graduate Assistants on the basis of the GPA (special attention may be given to courses within the field), GRE scores, letters of recommendation, resumes, and, sometimes, personal interviews.  In all cases, preference is given to students with very strong written and verbal communication skills. Graduate Assistants (GAs) are required to work twenty hours per week and must be full-time graduate students (enrolled for nine credit hours).  A GA is usually assigned to a writing lab or to an individual professor in the Department of Languages and Literature and is employed as an assistant with either teaching or research duties.

Graduate Assistants who have successfully completed graduate-level courses in composition theory and pedagogy are eligible to teach sections of composition courses, though successful completion of such courses does not guarantee a GA or a GA teaching assignment.  Stipends are paid monthly, and the graduate tuition may be deducted from it upon student request.  A student is eligible to hold an assistantship for only four semesters and must reapply each academic year.  (See Graduate Bulletin for further detail.)

By accepting a Graduate Assistantship from this department, you agree to enroll in nine hours of graduate work in English during each semester for which you hold the assistantship. In extraordinary circumstances and on the Graduate Coordinator's recommendation, the Department Chair may permit you to include course work outside of English in the required nine hours.

For more information about English department Graduate Assistantships pleace contact:
Dr. Dan Shea, Graduate Coordinator