Management Technology
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Management Technology

The Management Technology Program at Austin Peay has a two-fold purpose.  It provides a pre-employment program for people seeking a career in management.  It is also designed to upgrade the skills of employed management personnel.  In addition to the management technology concentration, a student may pursue a specialization in industrial management or general business. 


The management technology curriculum combines general education with courses designed to provide a solid, basic understanding of management, marketing, personnel, operations, safety and accounting.  

Industrial management is for those students with career interests in manufacturing.  It includes courses such as production management and statistical process control.  

Should a student be interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree at some point, the general business emphasis generally meets the criteria for acceptance as lower division electives in Austin Peay's College of Business, provided the student has a 2.5 grade point average.  

What will I Learn?

Management Technology  Majors learn the Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Small Business Operations, Business Law, Personal Financial Management, Business Ethics.