Health Care
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Health Care

If you are a Veteran with service-connected disabilities, it is important that you maintain treatment for those conditions.  VetSuccess On Campus can assist you with getting registered with your local VA Health Care clinic so that you can have a VA primary care provider.  Once you have a VA primary care provider, your primary care provider can then refer you out for any necessary specialty care appointments (orthopedics, neurology, mental health, etc.).  We can also assist you in setting up your MyHealtheVet account so that you can manage your health care, including medical appointments, prescriptions, and access to your medical records. 

MyHealtheVet For all your VA health care needs

Tenncare If your service connected disabilities are under 50% check out Tennessee’s health care for yourself and your family.

APSU Health Services is located in the Ard Building (524 College Street). Our team of health care providers is experienced in treating various medical problems.

Counseling Services is also available and located in the Ard Building. They offer various services, including a "Let's Talk" program which allows for brief, informal, "drop in" counseling.