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By submitting this application the applicant agrees to the following:

1.  I have read and understand the requirements for the Tech for Vets program within the Tech for Vets Info/Requirements page before completing an application.

2. I will ensure that any marks, dents, or scratches are noted prior to checking out the equipment.

3. I will not copy or alter (including downloading programs that are not class related) any software or configurations of the equipment.

4. I am aware that calculator/clicker(s) must be picked up and returned in person with APSU Student ID at the Military Student Center by deadlines.

5.  I will be responsible for returning the equipment in the same condition that it was in when I checked it out and signing the equipment back in with an authorized MSC employee. 

6.  I will be responsible for payment of charges as a result of damages and/or loss of equipment.

7.  I am aware I am the only authorized user of this equipment, prohibiting me from sharing or loaning the equipment with/to anyone else.  

8. I am aware that one application is required per calculator/clicker request and I will be contacted when the application has been processed and I will have 48 hours to pick up item(s).

9. I understand that if the information provided on the application is not accurate, the application will be voided.

10. I am aware that if I return the equipment after the due date that I will be banned from utilizing these services for 90 days after the return date.

11. I am aware that failure to comply with these requirements will result in a hold on my student account and/or I will be found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

 Note: Texts for Vets Application is currently closed for the Summer semester. We will open it back up on August 21st at 8 am for Fall semester requests. If you have any questions about this program please call us at (931) 221-1685 or email us at msc@apsu.edu